Very Specific Glassware

I think there are three different paths that beer drinkers take when choosing a glass for their beverage. One is the Next Glass Up, where whichever glass is there is taken. Second is the Match Game where you look for the brewery glass from the brewery you are drinking and then lastly is the Style Fitter. Kolsch go in a stange, Wild beer in a Teku leading to….

This ARTICLE about the right glass for Grodziskie a beer from Grodzisk, literally or the simple definition as a smoky pilsner,

Needed or Not? October 2020 – Part 1

Drinking gadgets generally fall under the helpful, outdoorsy and just plain gag gifts. Take a gander at the photo below and you should be able to figure out which of those three categories to put this in….

…the only thing that would make this gag”gier” would be if it were plastic.


Do I need another piece of glassware? My wife and Goodwill would probably say no.  But the artist Gabriel Pulpo has a new one that looks pretty cool.  He “describes his Duvel Glass design as an abstraction of wings inspired by the name Los Angeles: the city of angels. As an artist who specializes in artworks using geometry and lines, his design takes the form of an abstract optical effect that depicts L.A.’s dynamic energy and constantly evolving creative landscape – a city in constant movement.”

The glass drops next year.

New Teku Taster

You may be seeing some new fancy multi-purpose taster glasses at festivals in the future…

The Teku goblet has been transformed into the stubby, de-stemmed version called the Teku Taster. The “tapered chimney” design holds in the aromas while allowing for swirling to release more nuance. Not only can it be used for craft beer but also spirits (neat), wine, cider and mead.


Does the word in the headline ring a bell? It didn’t for me when I saw it on a can of Brutiful Day Brut IPA from AleSmith.

Becher is a shortened name. It is a German Pub glassware choice also known as the Willi Becher or Willybecher.

It is close, in style, to the much maligned shaker pint with a slight inward push near the top giving it a more sleek look in my opinion. I don’t know what aromatics make the glass appropriate for the Brut style but I will experiment since I do believe I have one of these glasses in my vast collection.


I don’t need another t-shirt nor do I need another beer glass but when i saw that the new logo for the fun (and feline informative) Cats on Tap, I am seriously considering making an exemption on that tariff.

Go Where?

Well anywhere. As long as glass is allowed.

Is this the best for beer? Well, sippy cup should tell you no. But, beer drinkers sometimes need to be creative and piggyback off the wine industry to get the preferred beverage where they need to go. If your home is ambi-spirit-ous, this might be a good all-in-one solution.

Goverre</strong> is the name. Pick less aroma filled beers and you should be A-OK.

Watch AND Drink (at the same time)

Is it hard for you to binge watch Luke Cage while sipping on a hazy NE IPA? Well, thanks to what I call “As Seen on TV” gifts, you can have your haze and not miss one single second of riveting debate coverage or Real Housewives of Walla Walla, Washington.

The TV Beer Mug has a “patented” sloped edge which probably doesn’t help the aromatics but certainly helps your longer range vision.

Multi-taskers everywhere will now be able to spit take even more.

A Stylin’ Glass

Yes, I have a serious glassware problem. Way too many little tasters from various anniversaries and events and to many branded shaker glasses. I thought I was clumsy but not enough to break enough to keep the collection at bay.

Still, I almost bought this glass. I love the diagram design and color choice. Plus it could put a spin on beer glass photography by allowing you to find and center the beer style that you are currently drinking into the frame.
You can get yours from Pop Chart Lab.

Out of this World

With one month until Christmas, it is time to start pondering gift ideas. No need to jump the Christmas gun but jot down this item from Thinkgeek.
Now, these may not be the best for aroma and they won’t help you judge the clarity and color but they will satisfy the astronomy nerd who also loves beer.