More Celebrity Beer

Despite the downturn in beer, celebrities are putting skin into the beverage game.  There is, of course, levels to celebrity so Hulk Hogan (now sober) is pitching for Real American Beer and the Kelce Brothers are now primary owners of Garage Beer.

Celebrity alone can be enough to push a brand into success even if they are just a front and are not involved.  A brand can also be a success if the celebrity is actually involved.  It can also succeed or fail whether or not the liquid inside is good or not.

The crux of the matter for me is the transparency of it all.  It can be hard to suss out if it is at one end of the spectrum, a mere cash grab or an actual side hustle.  I tend to avoid the celebrity beers whether it is musicians or actors if it is not made by a reputable brewery that has other good beers in their portfolio.  See another wrestler, Steve Austin and El Segundo Brewing.

Time will tell whether the beers actually succeed.