Featured Reviews – Double Bogey DIPA & West Coast Drift IPA from Eureka Brewing

Two more from Eureka Brewing to review (one of which is a bit long in the date tooth)…

West Coast Drift – big, big pineapple aroma and flavor. Like opening a can of pineapple in pineapple juice. Medium low haze in the glass. Overall nice strong bitterness to balance the juice notes.

Double Bogey DIPA – This one was canned in late January so a tad out of date. Sweet tart meets alcohol. Strong but not super bitter. I would like to taste a fresh one for comparison.

Featured Reviews – La Brea Stout and Pandora Wakes from Eureka Brewing

Two from Eureka Brewing to dig into today starting with a hazy pale using the Pink Boots hop blend.

Pandora Wakes pours a bright yellow with a top heavy haze to it. Crisp taste with a little watery edge to it. I know that is contradictory but this beer comes across more session/light. Some bitterness up front with a cherry note. Not what I would consider hazy though.

La Brea Stout promises chocolate and coconut. I get some of the former and none of the latter. It pours a nice dark color but no head to it. There is a soft roasty character that I like.

Eureka Brewing Co. – (2) Reviews

Eureka Brewing Company, The brand new brewery in Los Angeles had four beers on offer. I steered away from the IPAs and went for the pils and the pale instead to see how those styles were handled…

Pils of Creation – Bright yellow in color. Nice interplay of floral and cereal malt notes. Could use a skosh more carbonation too.  The hoppy part of hoppy Pilsner doesn’t really come through to me though. Love the swirling colors on the can.  Very evocative of outer space seen from the desert.

Super Bloom – A deep citrus taste from this one. Straddles the line between XPA and Pale. Nice hop burst and good level of malt here. The bitterness does blossom and then fades away fairly quickly. Simple and effective. 

Future Out – Past In

Ximix Brewing didn’t last too long in Gardena, State Brewing was humming along until the first wave of pandemic stopped their Gardena brewery. Now a name from California’s history is taking a stab at reviving beer in Gardena, Eureka Brewing Co.

They are going to start going uphill as they open after Thanksgiving, after outdoor seating, during stay-at-home orders. But they do have an ace brewer in Phil McDaniel, formerly of King Harbor Brewing and they are taking over the former Ximix space, so they could hit the ground brewing at least.

Look for a 1st Visit report.