Eagle Rock Brewery has unveiled their 2022 Pink Boots collaboration. Here is the beers mission statement, “We love collaborating with the ladies of Pink Boots and fiercely support their desire to assist, inspire, and educate women in the fermented/alcoholic beverage industry.”

And here is the beer description, “Bootsy is a West Coast IPA  that is bright and clean, with crispy tropical notes. Coming in at 6.3% ABV, this is the perfect beer to ring in the warmer weather!”

Spell It

Eagle Rock Brewery is at the 12 years old mark this year, and that means time for an anniversary beer.

Here are the early details, “Umihumālua is a tiki-inspired IPA with orange, pineapple, and nutmeg. This punchy beer is sure to transport you to paradise with one sip!”

Review- Elevensies from Eagle Rock Brewery

Happy 11th birthday (a little belated) to trailblazing LA brewery Eagle Rock and now let’s check out their celebration of 11…

Elevensies pours a close to dark orange. This is a cheek warmer for sure. 11 hops including the new Altus were used for this anniversary Triple IPA that tops the scales at not 11 IBUs but 111 of them. Initially a little hot and that ABV obscures a dark cherry type of flavor that I am getting.  Maybe caramelized pineapple?  Either way it is nicely sharp at the beginning of the sip and then glides into the slight burn.


That is right! Groundbreaker LA brewery, Eagle Rock has turned 11 and has fun in store for us in March. But in the meantime, how about buying this throwback treat….

“It’s been a while since we had all four of our core beers packaged together, but we’re back baby! These beers were some of the first beer brewed at ERB and were available year-round for our first 5 years in existence. These beers were chosen to start our brewery because they each showcase a major brewing ingredient, and each represents a category of flavor in beer: Solidarity with Malt, Populist with Hops, Manifesto with Yeast, and Revolution with balance.”

Still at Home

When I think of home, I think of comfort and the beer style equivalent is the brown ale and Eagle Rock Brewery has a new one for us. “Homebound is the American-Style Brown Ale that you’ve been looking for! This crystal clear brown ale brings you a spicy hop-bite combined with sweet toasty malts, that deliver you a subtle roasty finish.  Coming in with a 5.3% ABV this is the perfect beer no matter where you are.”