Up From the Cellar – La Suerte from Eagle Rock Brewery

Taking the beer Tardis back to 2018 for Eagle Rock Brewery’s 7th Anniversary beer, La Suerte. “Imperial Mexican Stout, brewed with Flaked Maize, Chocolate, Vanilla, Chile, and Cinnamon.”

For being 5+ years old and in a can, La Suerte has held up quite well. The chile is still there, prickling the tongue and lips with a touch of heat. There is a slight wine sour note and a bit of thinness in the mouthfeel but the flavors promised on the can – chocolate, vanilla and cinnamon are there if in smaller intensity than the chile. It is a 14% beer but the chile heat covers any of that burn.

1st Visit – Eagle Rock – The Landing

RIP to the Empire Tavern, gone too soon, a victim of the Covid scourge. But now the space in Burbank has been reborn as The Landing.

It is a cross of a specialty market, bottle shop and Eagle Rock Brewery. Multiple taps of Eagle Rock beer with a couple guests as well as wine.

The space is warm and bright with bright colors on the wall. And it has the same welcoming vibe as the OG Eagle Rock taproom.

When you are done shopping at Ikea or you find yourself in upper Burbank, you should drop in.

Featured Review – Unity 2023 led by Eagle Rock Brewery

LA Beer Week is going full blast, so it is time to review the Unity beer for 2023. Labeled as “a community-made hoppy Helles Lager”.

It pours a dark orange color. Lemon and tea notes on the nose. Dare I say, it tastes more like Session IPA or a Cold Pale Ale? Don’t get me wrong, it tastes great. The base for this beer is very light but the hops are well in proportion so everything stays bright.


Eagle Rock Brewery class is in session with their Beer 101 Nights every month in their taproom.

And the price is really right. Only $11, and you get “one flight of 4 beers, a specially selected taster, and an educational discussion about the style, tasting notes, and more.” And believe me when I say, you should never stop learning.

Unity 2023

Fun L.A Beer Week fact is that each year Guild members choose a brewery to host the annual LA Brewers Guild Unity Brew.  This year, the chosen brewery is Eagle Rock.

Second deeper dive fun fact is that Eagle Rock did the first five Unity beers before the role started to rotate around. More details on the beer style, as well as where and when you can drink it coming.

And remember that LA Beer Week is June 10th-June 18th this year.

Sour Day – Beer Review – Lucky 13 from Eagle Rock Brewery

Semi- quietly, Eagle Rock Brewery hit year 13. So, time to review their anniversary sour…

This blended sour ale from Wood #0011 pours a muddy red color. Aroma wise, the sour is there a bit but no cherry taste pops up. First sip is very weird. Getting very pastry bread hit right off the top. Not super sour. As it warms up a skosh, the cherry pie flavors take the foreground but that aggressive breadiness is still there at the back. If I could hold that cherry note all the way through would like this better.

The Landing

A month or so back, I teased that Eagle Rock Brewery was expanding to a location in Burbank.  That location has a name and logo now…

…it also has a bit more information about it.  You will obviously be able to buy Eagle Rock beer but there will be wine and other goodies on sale as well.

Opening date is not set but I will certainly 1st Visit report on it.


Eagle Rock Brewery has unveiled their 2022 Pink Boots collaboration. Here is the beers mission statement, “We love collaborating with the ladies of Pink Boots and fiercely support their desire to assist, inspire, and educate women in the fermented/alcoholic beverage industry.”

And here is the beer description, “Bootsy is a West Coast IPA  that is bright and clean, with crispy tropical notes. Coming in at 6.3% ABV, this is the perfect beer to ring in the warmer weather!”

Spell It

Eagle Rock Brewery is at the 12 years old mark this year, and that means time for an anniversary beer.

Here are the early details, “Umihumālua is a tiki-inspired IPA with orange, pineapple, and nutmeg. This punchy beer is sure to transport you to paradise with one sip!”