No More Drizzle

I am not a deliver me my stuff person.  Especially when you hear all sorts of stories about gig workers being exploited and the companies like Amazon and Uber making money hand over fist but it doesn’t seem to trickle down.

Which leads me to the Uber which announced that they were shitcanning Drizly, techincally labeled as an “alcohol e-commerce deliver platform.  Uber bought them three years ago and is just now deciding that all orders should just come through their app.

Will this affect craft beer?  A bit.  Your bigger players like New Belgium and Sierra Nevada might lose some trade but those who are ordering booze online will migrate to Uber and do it there.  And you weren’t really finding local beer on it so it will be the same as before for them.

What it probably means longer term is that alcohol delivery, which should be a higher margin business, looks to be another delivery business casualty because it doesn’t make sense financially when you factor in infrastructure and potentially slows down in-store sales.