Caped Brewsader


I am constantly surprised at the collaborations that happen in the craft beer world but this one even took me aback.  I wonder if the San Diego Comic-Con will have a beer with Ballast Point or Societe?

“The Caped Brewsader is a Belgian Witbier (wheat beer) brewed with an ancient citron plant fruit called Buddha’s Hand. This tropical fruit is segmented into finger-like sections, resembling the hand of Buddha. The result is a slightly hazy, crisp and refreshing ale that has a subtle citrus flavor perfect for summer enjoyment. Approximately 40 pounds of Buddha’s Hand was added to the 100-barrel batch of beer.

“Our Comic Con friends wanted a well-crafted, summer drinking beer, and they wanted to get a little crazy with it,” recalls Breckenridge Brewery brewer John Jordan. “The idea of adding fruit surfaced. This is where the light bulb immediately sparked with me. I had started developing a recipe some years back using this crazy looking citrus fruit – it looks like something right out of a sci-fi movie! It was a perfect fit!”

On the day of the brew, the Denver Comic Con team came to Breckenridge Brewery to assist with the brew. They were able to mill in malt, cut up, prepare and add the fresh Buddha’s Hand and hops.

The beer’s name, “The Caped Brewsader,” was selected from more than 300 entries in a Denver Comic Con online naming contest. More than 15,000 voters helped select the beer’s winning identity.”