Featured Review – DefCon1 from Faction Brewing

Might as well start big right. Heading into the new DefCon series from Faction Brewing at #1, the Belgian Quadruple. It pours a dark cola color and the candi sugar is the first dominant aroma and taste that I get. It has a syrupy sweetness to it. I start picturing it as a float with salted caramel ice cream to balance the flavors. There is a bit of spice layered underneath which adds a nice counterpoint. As it warms up, the flavors flatten a bit and the whole works well. Looking forward to trying the other numbers in the series b

Level Up

A Belgian alert! Faction Brewing has sent some DEFCON SoCal’s way…

DEFCON 1: Belgian Quadruple – 9.5% ABV

DEFCON 2: Belgian Tripel – 7.4% ABV

DEFCON 5: Belgian Table Beer – 4.2% ABV

Now we just have to wait and see what 3 and 4 are style-wise..