A Podcast & A Beer – Decoding Westworld

There is a cottage industry in explaining HBO’s Westworld, ever since the time shifty happenings in season 1. And the Decoding Westworld Podcast is part of it.

Why I picked this one out of the choices available is that hosts Joanna Robinson and David Chen were able to harness their fans to help fund their latest set of recaps. That is no small feat when crowdfunding has mostly faded from view. And from the little that I have heard so far, it is because they seem to be thoughtful fans of the show not one of these modern show haters.

I don’t think there are any beers named after Dolores, or the Man in Black and on the show it seems to be the hard stuff that is consumed more but I have some ideas for you which in this day and age of beer shopping might be more easily available.

My favorite episode so far was Absence of Field so look for Fieldwork Brewing beers. Or pick something based on what your favorite “world” has been on the show or should be. Perhaps Chicago during prohibition or England in Dickens times. Shogun world might call for something from Coedo or Baird Brewing.

Or, to prove that you have free will, you could just pick a random beer.