Review – Devil’s Tale – Coronado & Devil’s Backbone

Devil’s Backbone has been busy on the West Coast.  Maybe (just maybe) they are planning a future distribution to SoCal but at least we are getting 1/2 of their ideas via Ninkasi and now Coronado Brewing.


Where the Ninkasi team-up was an offbeat style, the Coronado is a straight up San Diego Pale ale, aka IPA. It pours a medium yellow color. Has a Pilsner look to it. The aroma has a bit of cat pee and mango to it. But that shouldn’t dissuade you because this is a nice light IPA. Dare I say session IPA? Not much of a malt presence here. Kind of light and almost too watery. But the grape accented finish works here and pulls it back from the brink.

If this beer was branded as an IPL, I would give it more favorable marks. Or call it an XPA. It’s nice and could pair well with citrus chicken or whitefish. On its own, it is a little too little for me.

Review – Jurata from Coronado & Cigar City

jurata front

Thanks to the kindness of the people at Coronado Brewing and Coronado PR, I got to taste the second of the collaborations between San Diego and Tampa’s Cigar City Brewing.

Jurata is a Baltic-esque / Polish version of the mermaid.  Akin to the one gracing the Coronado labels but in much colder waters than San Diego.

Now I have had a few Cigar City collaborative beers thanks to Congregation Ale House having a special night but this is probably the best of the bunch.  I did not care for the Widmer Gentleman’s Club beers (especially at their price point) and the Tropical Tripel was a mess.

Jurata pours a dark brown with hints of black.  There is tons of lacing as the head recedes.  Smells almost like a milk stout.  Notes of sweet chocolate are first on the scene.  The taste adds a touch of smoke to the equation which tones down that milk chocolate domination and the carbonation really helps in that regard as well.  Hint of cigar in there too.  With a touch less sweetness would be rated even higher.

Later this year, I will be able to compare this against the Eagle Rock Brewing / Maltose Falcons version

jurata back

Coronado + Surly Goat =

what is going down tomorrow night, Thursday, July 21 at 6pm.

The Surly Goat in West Hollywood welcomes one of the great big shining stars of the world renowned SD beer scene ~ Coronado Brewing Co.!

Special guests from the brewery include: Head Brewer – Sean Ferrell, Owner – Rick Chapman & Local Rep – Clinton Smith.

Special Tappings include:
Blue Bridge Coffee Stout – Irish style stout, 6% with Calabria coffee beans & cold brewed coffee added

Saison by the Sea – 7 % with chamomile, ginger, spearmint & grains of paradise

Frog’s Breath IPA – 6.5% with citrus peel added

Idiot Imperial IPA 8.5%

Islander IPA 7.5%

On Cask:
Orange Ave Wit with Habanero & Cilantro

Saison by the Sea is one of my new favorites and the cask selections at Surly Goat always surprise. So check it out.