Common Charity

Common Space has not one but two charity beers out in the wild now…

#1 – “Let’s have a Kiki! Cosmic Kiki Hazy IPA has arrived from the mysterious reaches of the cosmos to get the Pride party started. Available today in the taproom, for pickup or home delivery, snag a pint or a 4-pack today and give back to PFLAG Manhattan Beach, an amazing local organization fighting for LGBTQIA youth rights, advocating for equitable education, and providing familial support.”

#2 – “Ogg IPA is officially canned, kegged and ready to pour! A portion of proceeds of this limited release beer will be donated to @socalalzofficial and #TheLongestDay to help in the fight against Alzheimer’s.”

Wild in the Yard

Hopyard Wildings is a new Hazy IPA collaboration between Hawthorne and Glendale. AKA, Common Space and Paperback. With notes of pepper, peaches and kumquat.

A little extra info on the beer, “Hopyard Wildlings brings together Hazy and Belgians for a big expressive flavor, of a type not currently found in Hazy IPAs.”

Review – Unity 2021 Hoppy Pilsner from Common Space

Unity is back! After a forced hiatus, there is a new Guild beer. Loaded with Talus and two forms of Cashmere hops, Common Space with help from others, of course has chosen a hoppy pilsner.

Guava, white nectarine and Asian pear are the adjectives summoned by the brewery and, to me, the pear notes come through the strongest. Unity pours a super clear yellow and has what I consider a “wet” character. Not slick or bubbly. It seems more lager than pilsner to me. A little more filling. Naming aside, this beer has a really good bitter to beer style balance.


News dropped yesterday from The L.A. County Brewers Guild

Here are the details straight from the Guild…

“Members of the Los Angeles County Brewers Guild came together for the first time in nearly two years for the 2021 Unity collaboration brew hosted by Common Space Brewery. Unity, the annual Guild brew originally created by LABG co-founders Eagle Rock Brewery, is traditionally brewed in the spring to commemorate our annual LA Beer Week. Due to the pandemic however, the last time Unity was brewed was back in May 2019. While hosting LA Beer Week this summer wasn’t in the cards, the Guild wanted to finally come together so that we could begin to rebuild the strong sense of community and camaraderie that make our L.A. beer scene so great.

Host brewery Common Space Brewery will be releasing 16-ounce four packs of Unity on Thursday, October 7 at their Hawthorne tasting room. This 6% abv Hoppy Pilsner marks the first lager iteration of Unity and will be available in cans and on draft at select retail locations. Check out the list below for LABG members and local craft beer retailers who will have Unity available.

But wait! There’s more! To celebrate the release of this brew, we will also be hosting the LABG Unity Oktoberfest at Common Space on Saturday, October 30, 2021. We’ve missed sharing beers with our community and while we still weren’t ready to go all out this summer with our usual events, we hope that you can join us for this intimate outdoor tasting event featuring 30 independent craft breweries, entertainment, and local food vendors.”

Talus Hazy

I have had a quorum of beers with Talus hops as the main attraction and as of today, not digging it like I am Strata. But maybe, since it is a new hop, the right combination hasn’t been found to unlock it yet. Perhaps this hazy from Common Space will.

Where is the Magic?

Common Space Brewery polled their social media fans as to what hops they wanted paired together.

Well the masses spoke and “the option with the most votes .. Cashmere and Triumph.”

The resulting West Coast IPA, Hidden Magic has notes of
Tangerine, Lemon Blossom and Fruit-Cup.