Guinness is Old Fashioned

Guinness and their Open Gate brewery in Maryland have done quite a bit of experimenting, most of which stays on their taps. This holiday season though, an Old Fashioned cocktail beer will have a bigger distribution footprint.

I am a sucker for a cocktail beer and this is the perfect time for this particular cocktail.

A Smog City Duo

Smog City Brewing has been a big proponent of 1% for the Planet and their next beer in community impact series benefits The Bay Foundation.  It is Forgotten Forest Hazy IPA.  Buy a 4-pack to help the environment.

As much as charity beers are my favorites, Smog has another beer coming soon that intrigues me even more, ” The creative masterminds (mad scientists?) behind our Wood Cellar collection of beers have done it again! With Dubbel Old Fashioned, our latest Wood Cellar beer, they’ve pushed the boundaries on what a beer can be.”


Count me as a fan of both a classic cocktail and beers masquerading as one.  Allagash Brewing has recently come out with Day’s End, a “red ale that takes inspiration from a cocktail known as the Boulevardier. Brewed with lambrusco grape must, angelica root, and bitter orange peel, then aged in bourbon barrels, this beer balances notes of vanilla, red wine, oak, and caramel.”

The Green Fairy

Firestone Walker has just upped their barrel aging game by not only finding absinthe barrels but then creating a beer that those barrels could affect in a new and interesting way. Plus cognac, rye whiskey and bitters barrels as well.