Really Portable Beer

Friend of the blog, Steve Zuback sent me this niche beer link last week.

Craft quality beer concentrate!

“Beer is typically about 95% water, which makes it heavy, cumbersome, and expensive to transport. But with our innovative and modern brewing process (patent pending) we can create a nearly waterless beer concentrate that contains all the great flavor, alcohol, and aroma of a premium quality micro brew. Our beer is not dehydrated beer!

Pat’s Beer ConcentrateUnlike other concentrate processes, this is not just about making the beer and then “removing” the water afterwards (which is extremely energy inefficient). Instead, our process (patent pending) allows us to start with almost no water, and carefully control the environment of the fermentation. The result… concentrated beer with all the same great taste you’re used to in a premium micro brew. All you do is add water, carbonate (check out our carbonator), and enjoy.”

I checked the website and I could not find a spot where I could see a range of styles that you could rehydrate. So I can’t comment on how they might taste. I would suspect that maltier beers with low alcohol would do best and IPA’s probably wouldn’t work at all but that is just guesswork on my side.