An Expanding Ladyface

Ladyface Ale Companie doublind downits annual production capacity, from 600 barrels in 2010 to a estimated 1,200 barrels in this year. How? With the delivery of new 15 barrel brewing vessels at their facility in Agoura Hills, California.

Here is what the press release says:
“With the arrival of new brewing tanks, we’ll have the means to keep more of our regular ales on tap as well as brew special and seasonal ales,” said Brewmaster David Griffiths.

“It is very gratifying that demand outstripped production in our first year of operation. This will also allow us to increase availability to wholesale accounts,” added Cyrena Nouzille, General Manager of Ladyface Ale Companie.

Let’s Tour – Kern River Brewing

If you haven’t heard of this brewery yet, you soon will. And the beer that you will probably here about first is the famed Citra DIPA. The beer that I could just smell all day. A pure blast of lemony citrus fragrance that lives up to the hype.

But then you had better delve into the rest of Kern River line-up which includes the Class V Stout and the Just Outstanding IPA for starters. Then maybe a growler of Sequoia Red or Isabella Blonde.

And if you want further proof then check out Drink Eat Travelfor their experience at the brewery.

In the Tap Lines for January 2011

A New Year to celebrate all the craft beer goodness that is available! And since the holidays mean curling up at home (be it adopted or hometown), I decided to start off 2011 where I currently call home, Southern California.

Here is what is planned this month for all of you readers/drinkers.

~ e-visits to four breweries of California
~ video reviews of three beers from my local, Eagle Rock Brewing
~ suggested beers of the Golden State to buy this month (maybe all brown ales in honor of our new governor)
~ I will tap the Firkin and give my opinion on the craft beer world
~ my 2011 Beer challenge will be unveiled
~ plus many more posts about new beers, beer products and breweries

And if you haven’t noticed, some minor site changes have taken place…..
~ The 50 Beers / 50 States Challenge has it’s own dedicated page
~ There is a page dedicated to the great Eagle Rock Brewery
~ My best of lists and monthly suggestions have been combined into one page
~ The beer links listing has been both added to and subtracted from so as not to overload (even though there are some really great sites missing)

Mad River Barleywine

When the weather turns chilly, one beer style that I like to turn to for a warm up is the traditional barleywine.

And one of the best to sample is from sometimes neglected and not talked of enough, Mad River Brewing.

John Barleycorn Barleywine (9.5% abv)
“Nutty caramel malt aroma, a sweet, warming full body and features hints of plum, black currant and maple. Serve in a snifter with desserts, chocolate, or sipping with a good cigar.”

The results post

Everytime I hear about the Great American Beer Festival gold, silver and bronze winners, I think of all the categories that there are now. 79 plus the pro-am winner. That is a wonderful testament to the resurgence of craft beer in this country. I don’t care that 90+ percent of the country drink the industrial water lager because there is a bounty of great beer everywhere you go. And just like people now require better coffee and people refuse to eat individually sliced “American” cheese, soon craft beer will be the default.

So, check out the GABF website to see what beers you should be tracking down. And to get more number crunching check out the excellent Brookston Beer Bulletin.

….and a big congrats to my local, Eagle Rock Brewery for winning the Pro-Am competition with their wonderful Red Velvet.

Figueroa Mountain Brewing

Firestone-Walker is getting some competition for their Buellton outpost. Figueroa Mountain Brewing will be firing up their kettles with a nice variety of beers including Hurricane Deck Helles, Danish Red (for the Solvang crowd) and Stagecoach Stout. They have an experienced brewer on board and I hope they can compete against the massive crush of wineries in that area of California.

Good Luck and I hope to visit soon.

Local Associations

A great way to stay involved and up to date in the world of Craft Beer is to follow (either on FaceBook, if that’s still cool, or on internal blogs) the small brewers guilds and associations that look out for the financial and legislative well being of their members.

Since I am LA based that means following the California beer news from The Small Brewers Association of California. Most people just want beer news. Where is the next festival? What new brewery opened? But part of being a dedicated supporter of well made beer is to pitch in your voice at the non-drinking level too.


…”The brewers got a little extra creative for this month’s firkin, hope you all will get a chance to try it! Take unhopped Saison Rue wort, add wormwood, sage, rosemary, and yarrow and voila! Do It To It Gruit. Each of these unique ingredients was at one time thought to have its own use in traditional medicine to help one reach a higher plane. We don’t know if they were wrong or right, but it sure is fun to experiment!”

The mad scientists in Placentia seem to be going all out. Gruit is a great and seldom seen style (though us crazy Americans are re-claiming it). I have a German version as well as Upright Brewing’s take and both were delicious and refreshing. Who knows how the Bruery version will compare? They are in a place all of their own.


Today (for no particular reason) is beer shop day. Since my dream job would be running a small craft beer store, I love highlighting places that sell a great assortment of beer.

First up is Hi-Time in Orange County, California.

Be sure to enter in the beer area or you might get lost amongst the wine and spirits. They have a large selection of nicely chilled craft brews. Nice amount of Sierra Nevada, foreign beers and even more than just the Just Outstanding IPA from Kern River!

250 Ogle Street
Costa Mesa, CA 92627-3808
(949) 650-8463

World Beer Cup 2010

Looks like my adopted state of California ran away with 45 medals in Chicago and my home state of Oregon was 2nd with 13. With the Trailblazers beating the Lakers yesterday, I think we are even.


For a great statistical (yes, numbers and math) round-up, check out the great Brookston Beer Bulletin HERE.