Breakfast Distortion

Firestone Walker is headed into serious breakfast fruits for the upcoming Luponic Distortion. Blueberry meet Pomelo grapefruit for the next 2020 IPA in the series. I am hoping that at one point they will variety pack a few years worth of the series to make comparisons. But I am excited to taste this one.

Cider Doughnuts

The last time that I was in Portland, I had a spirit-ed doughnut from Blue Star, the Portland chain that also has locations right here in Los Angeles.

Maybe Portland Cider will sell this “inspired by” cider down here to combine forces in SoCal too.

3 Three Philosophers

Three Philosophers can now be a three-way taste test as their are two wildly divergent variants to check against the original which is already a blend to begin with. I would tend towards the bourbon version. Blueberries can be hit or miss in beers especially one that is plenty flavorful already.

Just Stop

OK, Miller Coors. We get it. You know how to extend a brand. Now stop. I have not purchased your original Redd’s Apple Ale. Nor have I bought the Green Apple Ale or what I can only imagine is sweet as sugar Strawberry Ale.

So no, I will not be getting your seasonal Redd’s Blueberry Ale which is on shelves now, which sounds like some anti-oxidant juice bar blend of apple and blueberry flavors.

I am not going to try all 900 new flavors of Oreo’s nor will I see the hundreds of superhero sequels just because you make them. There has to be a reason that is more than just, “well the last one sold well.”
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