Crazy 8’s

Instead of one big blowout bash that winds through the Blue Palms and Fonda Theater, this year on 8 8 16, (Hey, that adds up!) the storied Hollywood craft beer haven will “be tapping 8 specialty kegs every day for 8 days.”
Follow their website and social media to see which mystery keg appears and plan accordingly.

Event Review – Flip-Flop Fest

Not only does Blue Palms have a BIG anniversary party coming up, but they also found time to do their Flip-Flop fest of Port Brewing beers, named after the iconic logo that double as footwear.

Following BSP procedure, I arrived near opening time to best find a stool and have a full slate of choices. Such as…..
Once You Go Blackberry Saison w/ Blackberries – Gnomercy Belgian IPA – Flyin Hawaiian Hef – Trashkannon Brown Ale – California Honey Blonde Ale – Kung Fu Elvis Strong Ale – Way Heavy Scotch Ale – La Flama Dorado Belgian Triple – May the Port be With You Imperial Stout – Rocky Top American Stout – Dust til’ Dawn Imperial Coffee Porter – Red Leader Imperial Red Ale – Beer Monkey IPA – New Break Pale Ale – Chronic Amber Ale – Ponto Session IPA – Kook Double IPA – Pick Six Hoppy Pilsner

(That list are the ones that I didn’t try off the tiki themed tap handles)

Here is the report:
Saison Persuasion was my first choice, I was beguiled by the Yuzu and peppercorns and I was let down, the beer was a little harsh on the palate and there was barely any peppercorn or yuzu or even ginger to be found.

So I went with a taster flight of (4) fruit IPA’s
Well three at least, the One Love was a Mandarina Hop and it was the weakest of the quartet. Coming in at number 1 was the Haole passion fruit IPA which had a big and bold aroma that was almost too much but the beer itself was super well balanced bitter and fruit in equal amounts then at # 2 was Grapefruit Puncher which also had an excellent aroma and really brought the citrus. The Lono Mango was only third because the other two were so great.

I finished up with County Line Pub Ale on Nitro which was quite solid. Super smooth. Nice malt texture to it and a perfect hop antidote. Plus, it looked super cool in the glass.

7 Blue Palms

I have cut back on beer festivals in the past few years. I can count on one hand how many I look forward to attending each year and the Blue Palms Anniversary is one of those. Brian Lenzo seems to attract awesome kegs to his parties. Like a keg Pied Piper. Mark the date down on your calendar (after purchasing your tickets) and get ready to be amazed.


Here are more of the details:

BLUE PALMS 7th Anniversary Celebration

August 9th ~ Noon – 5 p.m.

Collectors Glass & (20) taster wristband

Unlimited Core Beer Booth

90 + Specialty and Rare Craft Beer

Music, Games & More

We’ll be pouring 90 + beers in the Blue Palms, The Fonda Theater and the Outside Parking Lot.


And Mark the Calendar again…

There ain’t no party, well like a Blue Palms Anniversary Party.  And you only have a week or so to get in on the $55 price before it kicks up a notch.

But for those on the fence, 20 pours which is a fair number (especially for a hot August day) and the 90+ kegs brought in special for the event and the rarities that Brian Lenzo keeps unearthing.  There was beer from as far away as Brooklyn and Cincinnati last year.  Plus there will be some “core” beers which will flow that don’t require tickets.  But I bet the 20 will keep you plenty busy.



Happy Firestone Walker Anniversary @ Blue Palms


Do you like Firestone Anniversary Beers?  Do you like Blue Palms?  Then read on…..

Firestone Anniversary 17 -Saturday November 23rd
2pm- VIP Flight Session
3pm- Open to public

Every year, we celebrate (GABF Mid Size Brewery of the Year) Firestone Walker’s anniversary release.

This year is no different-Saturday, November 23rd join us in celeBREWtion.

In addition to Firestone 17, we will be pouring an array of their award winning brews on tap.

***VIP Flight Session- At 2pm, we will be opening for a extremely limited VIP session and opening owner Brian’s personal bottles!
Flight pours of Firestone 11 through 16 (2 oz each) are $50
Plus you will get to chat with a *special guest* from the brewery about those rare and delicious anniversary beers

Tickets for the VIP session available HERE

At 3pm we will be open to the public for food and brews and Flights of Firestone 13 through 16 will be readily available for $18 (Four pours of 2.5oz each).

In the Tap Lines for January 2013

Now that the Mayan death apocalypse (and New Year’s Eve) has passed and beer is still being brewed, it is time to jump into 2013 with both feet for another great year with our favorite beverage. Here is what is on tap here at the Beer Search Party for January.

~ e-visits to the newest breweries in the San Diego area
~ video reviews tackles two randomly selected ‘fridge beers plus more reviews minus videos
~ Three suggested beers to buy this month
~ I will tap the Firkin and give my opinion on the craft beer world
~ … and Session # 71 will converge bloggers onto a single topic
~ plus many more posts about new beers, beer products and breweries

Here are two events to get your November started in the Los Angeles craft beer world:
1) January 5th – Sierra Nevada Tap Take-over at Blue Palms
2) January 29th – L.A. Craft Beer Blogger meeting at Chloes at the Pub at Golden Road

#ACBW12 in review

The week began in flight. A flight of Craftsman beers in Highland Park at Maximilliano. Three of which I hadn’t had before including Ochre (a sour ale), Point Five (the session IPA), Juniper (made with, you guessed it juniper) and the new Maximilliano House beer which is on a 1903 lager base but with oregano added. It is the one on the far left in the photo below.

Tuesday was a double shot. Finished at the Pub at Golden Road and had some Double Jack and Parabola from 2010 in Burbank at Tony’s Darts Away during Firestone-Walker night.

the new Golden Road Berliner Weisse

Parabola from 2010

Wednesday was Beer Belly and the Bruery, hello again Fruet!

I also got a taste of Carmen with cranberries. Though not as sour as Filmishmish this was two distinct sour notes. One from the beer and one from the fruit.

I took Thursday and Friday off in preparation for two events on Saturday. First was the Farmer’s Market FestivAle at Blue Palms and second was the Eagle Rock Session Fest.

Blue Palms put quite the menu together in honor of fruit and vegetables. . Of the beers that I sampled the Honey Bee Hefe from nearby Golden Road was my favorite. Lost some of the hefe-ness but made up for it with a strong honey and pollen taste. And it was beautifully cloudy. I was a bit disappointed by the Almanac Fennel Biere de Mars and the Magnolia Gruit but the Ballast Point Winter San Salvador with all San Diego ingredients was quite nice though heavy on the bay leaves.

Then lastly on to Session Fest at Eagle Rock and boy was I shocked by how much I enjoyed the two beers that I had. By far the most flavorful and interesting of 2012. I started with the Citrus Basil Party and it was just that. Both ingredients there in ample amounts but not over the top. Light and refreshing and a pretty yellow. (Though not as pretty as the pink Kolsch). I followed that up with the Brett-a-Colada which was fantastic. Funky light farmhouse nose and initial taste followed by a wallop of coconut and fruit and then a gentle cooking spice note. Really interesting take that I enjoyed.

Then on Sunday the Beer Search Party rested.

One Week in May

It is that special time of the year where we celebrate craft beer even more than we usually do. American Craft Beer Week!

So, get out there and show the craft brewers that you appreciate that they offer you so many great choices in beer!

Here is a snapshot of where I will be headed.

Monday, Maximilliano for pizza and Craftsman beer flight

Tuesday, I will be at Tony’s Darts Away for a Firestone-Walker night. Maybe snag some more Wookey Jack.

Wednesday, On to Beer Belly to taste Fruet from the Bruery for the first time.

Saturday, the Farmer’s Market themed event at Blue Palms. Followed by Eagle Rock for their annual Session Fest. Low ABVs with big flavors.