Let the Voting Begin…

I love these beer vs. wine competitions. Not because craft beer usually wins, though that is nice but because it gives both sides a chance to enjoy the other side of life and gain converts. Here is your chance to appreciate some wine and see the effects of wine on a great beer too.

But first the backstory and the scoop on what is going down in Agoura Hills, “It all started when someone suggested putting Ladyface beer in Malibu Family Wines’ barrels…

Ladyface triumphed in the 2011 Battle of the Barrel, but Malibu Family Wines was determined to win the war. The local estate winery presented their 2009 Semler Merlot for the challenge. Ladyface responded by creating Beffroi, aging their Picture City Porter in those same Semler Merlot barrels.

With neither side conceding, the final verdict is again being left up to retail consumers. From July 14th to July 24th, guests at both establishments will be able to purchase sample tasters of Malibu Family Wines’ Semler Estate Grown 2009 Merlot and Ladyface Ale Companie’s Merlot barrel-aged Beffroi and cast their votes.

The winner will be announced at the Battle of the Barrel Finale on Tuesday, July 24th from 5:00-7:00pm at Ladyface Alehouse & Brasserie. You must be 21 or over to cast a ballot. There’ll be music, voting and, no doubt, a lot of last-minute campaigning by both sides. Reserve now; ONLY 150 tickets available for the party!

Samples of both the wine and beer as well as ballots* will be available July 14-24th during normal business hours at both locations. “Vote early and vote often!”

*Ballots at the Finale Party will be $15 and includes entry to the party, one ballot, a sample of each beverage, plus one full pour of your choice. Ballots all other days will be $5 (sample tastes only).”

Beer VS Wine

Let’s throw some numbers at you. (3) courses, (1) cheese from the wine camp and one from the beer, (1) main course from each faction and then (1) dessert offering from each group.

The crowd looked wine friendly but the breakdown was only slightly tilted to the vino crowd with many more having no preference. So I was expecting a wine win but hoping for a tie.
I was blown away by the results. Wine received the most votes on the first cheese and then beer won the next (5) rounds. And not nail biters either. These were double digit wins.

The best pairing of the night for me was Tomme de Savoie cheese with toasted rye cracker and apricot chutney with Saison Rue from The Bruery. I have not had Saison Rue in a long time but it really pairs well with food.

I have to say that this was a well organized event. I know some of the people involved, so I am a little biased, but the food and drink was served at proper intervals and was well done. The voting system was easy to use and their was plenty of staff to help. The only thing I can see improving is the sound system because after a few rounds the noise level markedly increased.