2017 Drinking statistics

All year long, I have been charting what I have drunk (beer-wise) and reporting in on occasion with some figures.

Now here are my final results for 2017….

Overall Numbers
Ounces drunk per week
2017 was 189.67 compared to 204.31 for 2016. My target was 190 and I snuck under the wire with a decrease of 14.64. The next goal will be more modest, hoping to lop off another 5 ounces. The end goal (currently) is to bring my drinking down to 175 for both weight and liver health reasons.

The High Week was 267 with the low being 160.5 and there were only 15 weeks where I was over the 200 ounce mark.

ABV per week
On average the ABV finished at 6.59% for 2017 with it weighted between 6.41% and 6.67%. There was an outlier 6.03% and five in the higher 6.80 to 6.94% range but all in the 6% average range. The lowest ABV week was 5.11% at the start of the year and 8.59% as an individual high at the end of the year. 2016 average was higher at 6.74%.

Diving into the particulars, my top 5 breweries by ounces drunk were as follows:
1. El Segundo – 581 (includes collaborations they bottled)
2. Eagle Rock – 508
3. Firestone Walker – 475.4 (includes Barrelworks)
4. Stone Brewing – 409.7
5. Sierra Nevada – 406

Five of my top 10 were L.A. based, six if you count Firestone Walker and all but one were California except for New Belgium which was a surprise to me. Other surprises were how little Beachwood beers I drank to the point where I had more Hopworks Organic beers from Portland.

356 vs 504. The latter were classified as IPA, Sours and barrel aged which made up a mere 58.6% of beers drunk. I so thought that I was too far tilted to IPA world for that number to be under 70%. So this result makes me happy.