My Stats

I will be charting out my beer imbibing over the next month or so to see how much I drink and how much I spend on beer. Piggybacking on the idea from the Beer Stat app, I want to see how much in Oz’s I drink. I know it isn’t super excessive in amount but is it in cost and ABV?

Today’s Beer

Now that I Am rocking an iPad I have a new found zeal for finding new craft beer apps and one of them that I encountered on the website was a little one called Today’s Beer which is a really well photographed example of how to show off a beer bottle and the beer inside. You get a 360 degree view and all the details on the beer.

It will inspire your beer photography and get you thirsty for craft beer. Every day.

The Beer Devotional

How many beer books have I talked about in 2011 alone? Quite a few. And add this one to the list.

“As Ben Franklin said, beer is a sign that God loves us and wants us to be happy. Now beer lovers everywhere can hoist a cold one while browsing this informative guide to their favorite beverage. For each day of the year, beer expert and homebrewer Jess Lebow lists a beer, information on its history, taste, price, and where to find it. He suggests food pairings and includes trivia, brewing tips, and information about beer-related events, as well as quotations about the ease and contentment beer brings to our lives.

Every state in the union is represented in this book, which unlocks the secrets of stouts, lambics, IPAs, and porters. The Beer Devotional offers you an inspirational daily guide to the joys of beer.”

A Beer a day

This is the latest addition to my growing beer bookshelf…

This is part of what the author, Jeff Evans, says about this book…
Find out why Franziskaner’s Hefeweissbier is the perfect drink for
4 October.

What’s the link between Bamberg and St Lawrence?

What happened on 18 April to inspire a beer from San Francisco?

I looked at what beer was on my birthday. Fruh Kolsch. Not a bad choice.