Cool Label / Cool Beer – February 2021

I just saw a photo of the bottle for the fifth batch of the Duvel Barrel Aged series. It has all sorts of fun design touches from the box, to the etching in the glass, the little sticker over the cap. Not to mention the beer inside. Here are those details: “ Duvel master brewer Hedwig Neven wanted to reinvent the ‘barrel aged’ concept and went looking for a rum distillery instead of bourbon barrels. He found it on the other side of the ocean, in Barbados, a world away from the brewery in Puurs: The West Indies Rum Distillery.”

If only it would come stateside.

This month I have a second cool label, this one from Green Cheek in Anaheim.

Such a cool name and the color scheme works really well and knowing brewer Evan, this will be a heck of a beer.

Added Value

Trustworthy Brewing in Burbank has a 4th anniversary surprise for beer fans, Value of Time BBA Imperial Stout with Coconut. It is a big 12.6% ABV and according to the brewery “is our biggest barrel-aged stout yet. Aged for 12 months in Buffalo Trace barrels and blended with heaps of coconut. Smooth oak smokiness accompanied with caramel and coconut warmth go well with any evening plans.”

Mad Barrel Men

As we round into autumn, thoughts turn to barrel-aged beers. On Wednesday, Beachwood, who works barrels like magicians have a wax dipped bottle for you. Draper’s Dram is a “Manhattan-inspired bourbon barrel-aged dark ale, spiced to perfection.”

Irish Goodnight

Avery Brewing is up to a 59th Barrel experiment! That is crazy. And I have a soft spot for the Emerald Isle since my better half has that blood in her veins.

This beer looks very cool. Peat smoke and milk stout could be a really striking flavor profile.

Gin Rickey

Three letters is all it took for me to want to drive to the Firestone Walker Propagator to pick up beer. G I N. I love beers that use gin barrels but they are hard to come by and temperamental as tequila barrels can be. But this latest cocktail beer sounds perfect for summer.

Gunwhale Barrel Cans

Gunwhale has a Baitball in their line- up, and now they have a Wolfbait and it is a big beer in a 16oz can. And they start with a dark farmhouse ale before aging in barrels for 2 years. You may think that $9 is too much for one can but you (and I) have probably paid $6 or more for an IPA. And come on oak aging is awesome.

Featured Review – Old Jetty Barrel-Aged Barleywine 2019 from El Segundo Brewing

Continuing the reviews of beers bought from the Glendale Tap cellar, we go old with the 2019 barrel-aged Barleywine release of Old Jetty from El Segundo Brewing.

This ale was aged in bourbon barrels and strides in at 13.2% ABV. Old Jetty is both prickly and smooth at the same time. There is loads of bourbon character but at the same time the sweetness is restrained. A bit of syrup note here. Great brunch beer.