Beer Art

Pints and Panels has been mentioned on this blog before but what I failed to keep up with is that you can get some merch as well.

I particularly like Em Sauter’s beer styles art that shows what foods pair well. Check out her site for unique gifts for beer fans or yourself.

Recycle Artistically

Wouldn’t it be cool to see a large recycling bin like this?

Of course, for breweries it would need to be a rendition of a 16oz can but I would love to see recycling and art to meet at each and every LA brewery.

Re-Cap – The Propagator’s 3rd Anniversary

On the last weekend of this month, I took in the sights and sounds and beers from the 3rd Anniversary of The Propagator.

Here is the re-cap: It was a strangely slow early morning at the Venice adjacent Firestone Walker location. This despite the high quality and higher creativity beers on tap. Haven’t had Rosalie, it was there. A Watermelon kettle sour, yup as well as many hoppy treats on hand. Plus the deal was great. (2) beers a side and a cup for one price. I assume that as the day wore on, that it got more crowded.

For my two beers, I started big with the Gen 3, triple IPA. Double digit ABV and for me, a return to those big bruiser Imperials from back in the day. Lots of malt and caramel and boozy. I backed down for the second and had the Eichenkeller because Keller beers are always an attraction. This did not disappoint. Super malty and bubbly with a nice minerality versus hops.

And I got to talk with some grand folk in the beer writing community as well as Merlin himself.

A Beer & A Quote – May 2018

Art does not reproduce what we see; rather, it makes us see.
Paul Klee

This quote might be a stretch to consider in regards to #independent beer but I think it is important to keep in mind because one aspect of our shared beer culture is that a popular beer over there breeds a popular beer in your own neck of the woods.

But instead of just making a copy of a beer, the “What We See” as it were, it behooves a brewery to lead us to the next beer, making us see what that new experimental hop can do, or putting a sour blonde ale into gin barrels or, yes, even adding glitter to beer.

The Tomme Arthur mentioned this at CBC-Nashville last week, “”We are becoming incredibly dependent on imitation, and that saddens me,”.

Make the beer customer come partway to you. Make a hopped imperial hefe. Do a hazy hopped farmhouse blended saison. Put a Gratzer in a 16oz can. Do new.

Art is Booming

If you haven’t been to Boomtown Brewing since they moved from soft open mode to full open mode, then you might be a bit surprised because it can be seen from blocks away now.
Combined with Angel City, DTLA is fusing art and beer in really big ways. And the outside is just part of the art that Boomtown has going.

Put a Sticker on It!

Even if craft beer fans fanned out and patrolled grocery stores and beer shops to steer people away from industrial corporate beer (in a nice way, of course), we wouldn’t be able to prevent all beer purchases.

But Mike Van Hall and his Committee on Opprobriations has devised a solution. Stickers. According to the Washington Post, Van Hall who is an artist as well as graphic designer has created stickers that range from “This label is offensive” to “This Beer is Not Craft” or the snarkiest one “Do Not Trust this Product” and then places them on beers that deserve them.

You can follow his adhesive exploits @opprobriations, to see who is getting fact checked.

Maybe Save Them

There is some found art that is good and others that are just fine. I find the flowers that RVA Capworks makes to be really well done.

Joshua Stolberg makes more than flowers and you should check out his portfolio. It must take some serious dexterity to pull the bottlecaps into just the right position. I like the business card holders and star magnets as well. I think the larger signs get a little much but the little things have pop to them.

You can learn more about RVA Capworks in this Richmond newspaper article.

Beer Art

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 9.08.20 PM
I have been reading and researching about labels this month (and last year) and this event struck me as super cool. And it has nothing to do with the fact that Gigantic Brewing beer is uniformly awesome….
Since the event is in the recent past, I will have to say that I think it would be great for L.A. breweries to bring in the people that design their labels and have an art show.

Even ardent craft beer fans don’t know the creativity, the discussions and the give and take of creating the label that you see on the store shelf. So congrats to the Fig & Thistle, now send the art show south.
Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 9.00.27 PM

Coaster as Muse

L.A. Beer Week had it’s “soft” opening before festivities start later this month with the Coaster Show at La Luz de Jesus gallery in Los Feliz.  This is the second year of this show and it is a showcase for weird, sexual, and some downright arresting images on the little circle of coaster space.  I highly suggest making the trip before the 20th when events start arriving at a furious pace.

Here are my top choices from what I saw amidst the crowds last night…..


I like the martini glass theme and the choices for famous faces with them.  Maybe a bit obvious but I think it works as a set.IMG_1622

This is sort of like Magritte meets fractals and nature.  I can’t explain why I like this but I do.  Oddly calming.IMG_1624

This is just a clever idea and I like bears so this makes me laugh on a couple levels.

Beer as Art

Photography is great, as is video but sometimes art can better convey a thought or feeling.  And that extends to beer!

You should really check out the Real Art is Better! website and the Year of Beer series.

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 7.08.46 PM

Artist Scott Clendaniel is posting a painting a day for 2014.  An ambitious undertaking for sure. Each painting has a bottle with a suitable backdrop related to the beer or brewery that brewed it.

My particular favorites are for two IPA’s.  Gigantic IPA and the Hop Crisis from 21st Amendment.  But I am sure that each person that peruses the digital wall of art will have their own favorites.