Hot! Dog!

There are quite a few Pizza beers out there, some of the crazier ones with ingredients you might see in a pizza.  But to my knowledge, no Hot Dog beers until now with The Spectacular, “A premium American pilsner made in collaboration with Hoffy (the hot dog brand) using premium pilsner malt and lightly hopped with HBC 586. This new Everywhere Beer Co beer is at a super low 4.4% abv so that your choice of condiments will shine.

Leisure Villain

Former brewery spaces may be seen as sad but they are also a new opportunity, and when a space is the funky former Modern Times Leisuretown in Anaheim, it can be cool to see how new ownership and a new brewery utilize the space.

You can read about the Craftsman with Villains Brewing HERE.

If this can be pulled off it just might pull people a few block down from Unsung and Monkish Anaheim.

What Radiant Has Done

Radiant Beer Co. has had a busy year, so they are looking back with, All The Things We’ve Done (Year 2).

“Brewed to celebrate our second anniversary, our staff collaborated to produce this love letter to Radiant. A Triple IPA clocking in at 11.3%, this is a sneaky beer with an array of flavors as vast as our experiences over the last twelve months. Big citrus and tropical fruit aromatics, weaving through tangerine, grapefruit, mango, and apricot give way to bold notes of cantaloupe, rainbow sherbet and pineapple. Perfectly balanced with low bitterness and a dry profile that complements the well-hidden alcohol. The perfect second anniversary beer.”

1st Visit – Orange County -Part 2

I have to admit that Monkish Brewing has not been on my radar for quite some time.  Not due to quality or anything, they just blew up and getting in was simply harder to either avoid a can drop or big tap room crowds.  

But the Anaheim location has been on my radar, and I finally checked out M2 recently and here is what I found….

The old Anaheim Brewing space seems way more garden like.  Trees and shade on a hot day worked wonders. It is blocked off a bit but not so much that it is darkened.  Way less space inside. Gotta say, better than the cramped Torrance brewery.  Even though the seating is not what one would call comfortable.

If soft hops is your jam and you want to hit two breweries, Monkish and Unsung Brewing nearby would be a great 1-2 punch.

1st Visit – Orange County – Part 1

I tooled down the 5 on a recent Sunday to check out the new Everywhere Beer Co. To get there, I passed by Angel Stadium as well as the Orange County location of Golden Road and a Karl Strauss.

Everywhere is the project of a breakaway group from The Bruery much in the way that Radiant Beer Co. is.  And both are happy and colorful places for a beer.  Lot’s of colorful painted figures on the wall.  A happy little wobbly circle mascot.  Actual booths to nestle into inside, outdoor seating as well.  Spanish tile creating a warming counterpoint. Views of the brewhouse from most angles.

First beer was Delicious Moments an Italian Pilsner. My half pour came in a cool cylindrical glass that emphasized the dark yellow color. Sharp malty and mineral taste. Not bubbly but not viscous either.

Next up was Gladness, a West Coast IPA is nice a bright.  A burst of hoppiness here that is different from the crowded IPA field.  I get melon and grape notes.  As it warmed the fruit pulled back a bit and the West Coast-iness came out.

The finishing beer was Magnificent Everything a DDH DIPA. Super pillowy soft and fruity.  Getting a strawberry note here. Tastes way less big than the Gladness.  Getting a wheat note here as well.  

The selection on offer was five beers, two sours and two seltzers.  A little more style variety will probably come as the production grows. They also have beer to-go as well to round out your choices.

One Radiant

I have been a fan of Radiant Beer™ Co. . I noticed that I buy their brightly colored and positive vibe named beers whenever I see them Now they are heading towards their first anniversary in early February.

No big ticketed bash but instead a “weekend-long birthday party to celebrate. The team at Radiant has new beer releases and nostalgic birthday party activities lined up just for the occasion.”

More info on the festivities, “Rotating food trucks will offer special menu items throughout the weekend, along with a surprise collaboration that is yet to be announced. In addition to new beer releases and specialty treatments, guests can look forward to a cask tapping, a unique glassware sale, live music, merchandise offers, limited supply surprise gifts, and expanded offerings of the frozen treats that fans near and far have come to love at Radiant.”