Review: The Traveler from Adelbert’s Brewery

L.A. gets some Shiner beer and a bit of Jester King and now add Adelbert’s Brewery from Austin. A Mini Texas craft invasion.

Let’s see how The Traveler, a Belgian a Style IPA tastes…

Caged and corked. Making me work for it. This IPA pours a dark orange with lots of foam. The smell is primarily pine. Crisp tree and forest. The bubbly initial taste has that in the mix but then some Belgian banana notes start creeping in along with a tropical dried fruit taste. There is a lingering bitterness but it is light by West Coast standards for sure. Certainly a beer that progresses from flavor to flavor.

It does the job of wanting me to try more of their line-up for sure.

from the Austin Beer Guide – Adelbert’s Brewery

Our first stop in Texas is Adelbert’s Brewery…

…in Austin. They have been brewing with Bohemian Floor Malts and a multi-step decocotion method since 2010 and these are the beers that jumped off the computer screen and got me thirsty.

“Scratchin’ Hippo is a dark reddish-brown ale brewed in the style of a traditional, rustic artisanal French farmhouse ale, Bière de Garde. Complex flavor profile with a prominent malty sweetness and earthy character.”

Philosophizer is a “hearty flavorful reddish orange beer with natural spices, clean hops, and a dry finish.”

Maybe, if a trip to Austin happens, I will be able to buy a pint at the Alamo Drafthouse and watch a movie with an Adelbert beer.