How Bizarre


I know that this beer won’t be coming to shelves or taps in LA but I had to post the label up due to one thing.  Can you spot it?

If you said, “Caramelized Plantains”, then give yourself a pat on the back.  Maybe if this collaboration between 5 Rabbit and Cigar City takes off, it will start a trend that will eclipse pumpkin beer!

Even if not, this looks like a fun beer to get a taster of.

Chicago – 5 Rabbit Brewery

Usually the backstory of how a brewery came together contains some familiar elements. Hurdles overcome. Fortuitous meetings and the like. This is the first “Our Story” that I have read that includes surprising someone 4,000 miles away to re-kindle a brewery dream.

But that is the case with 5 Rabbit Cerveceria.

They have three main beers of which I want to focus on two:
5 Lizard
a Latin-Style Witbier
“5 Lizard is a creamy and refreshing wheat beer with some spicy complexity and light touch of passion fruit for a delicious and slightly exotic flavor.”

5 Vulture
an Oaxacan-Style Dark Ale
“5 Vulture is a deep ambered-colored ale with complex caramel aromas with toasted sugar notes and a long, elegant spicy finish. Roasted ancho chile is used to add depth and complexity, without adding heat or strong chile flavors.”