Cider Summit Seattle

Unfortunately, the 2021 Cider Summit will be virtual but that means that those outside the NW can get in on the action from home.

Here are the available boxes…

  • Global Selections kit includes 6 ciders from British Columbia, England, France, Germany, Spain and California. The kit also includes 2 Cider Summit Festival tasting glasses and promotional merchandise from participating cidermakers.
  • Washington Harvest kit includes 6 WA-based ciders selection to match the changing of the season. The kit also includes 2 Cider Summit Festival tasting glasses and promotional merchandise from participating cidermakers.
  • NW Refreshers kit includes 8 refreshing ciders, seltzers and alternative beverages. The kit also includes 2 Cider Summit Festival tasting glasses and promotional merchandise from participating producers.

Review – On the Rocks Old Fashioned

I have passed by the RTD’s from On The Rocks at both Whole Foods and Vons, thinking, next time. Well, I finally got to next time and here is my review of their Old Fashioned made with Knob Creek whiskey.

This is strong. Take the over ice suggestion seriously. The alcohol is hot here. There is a nice citrus undertone here as well as a nod to sweetness at the top but this is basically a shot of whiskey. A little rounding off of the edges would do wonders.

If you like a up in your face Old Fashioned this will work for you but if you are looking for more depth, you may need to add extra to it.


Quite the interesting read HERE about transport. As we start to live with the effects of a warmer world, we will need to keep finding alternative ways to make, package and transport our beer, wine and spirits.

Not hard seltzer though.


Move over hard seltzer, maybe the next RTD craze will be that brunch staple, Mimosa. And you can get a local Los Angeles version canned and ready from Hartlam Winery which is a sibling brand to Ogopogo Brewing.

Vin de Garde

Looks like de Garde Brewing is branching out. Not into Seltzers or Canned Cocktails but into a more natural way, literally.

Low intervention wine making is how they put it. The de Garde Cellars has come out of the gate Rose #1 with grapes from a small sub-region of the Walla Walla AVA.

Hop Lark

I have an alternative to hard seltzers for you. How about a sparkling (N/A) water with hops. You can get the above variety pack and get those in demand Citra and Mosaic as well as new starlet Sabro and an un-named hop too. Check it out HERE.

Flaviar – Test Drive

I have been meaning to do a test subscription to Flaviar. And at the beginning of the month, I hopped onto the lowest price that I had seen. And I received…

An etched bottle of Islay (Scotland) gin that I had eyed for awhile, a magazine with short punchy articles that I thought were good plus QR codes aplenty. Finally, the centerpiece was a container with three rye whiskies.

This variety trio had Copper Fox, Rossville Union and Bender’s included. Very fancy packaging and a healthy sample of each plus note coasters with flavor profiles for you to help guide your tasting.

Bender’s was my winner with nutmeg and cinnamon spicing and Copper Fox my least favorite owing to its being a smoke bomb. Rossville Union was too smokey for my taste but at least had a balance as other flavors like chocolate and vanilla shone a bit as well.

I bought this myself so I am valuing this on my own dime. The packaging and information makes this worth it and the fact thar you can explore through many spirits and sub-styles is great. My suggestion is to by a big bottle of a spirit you need or of something you know you will use and then use the tasters to explore and find that bottle you want to go big on later.

Sazarac Style

Cognac barrels. Rye Whiskey barrels. Lemon peel and for a final touch some absinthe barrel action are part of the regimen for the upcoming cocktail beer from Firestone Walker.

You can also read about two tequila beers HERE.

Oak and Four Roses

One of the more approachable barrel-aged beers that I have had in the past is the New Belgium Oakspire. That beer started back in 2018 and last year was reimagined as a cocktail beer, Oakspire Old Fashioned.

Now it is returning with a new barrel….

Spires are steeped in Four Roses bourbon to create an under 10% barrel-aged beer,