Start Designing Young

Every twice in a while, I have to toot the horn for my alma mater.

This time for having a cross disciplinary assignment. Art department meet the Wine Studies and design a wine label. You can read all about the winner right HERE. Readers of the blog know that I love a good design and am equally turned off by bad ones.

And I like this one. Very on point for wine and for classic college, sorry, University.

Your Whiskey is Arrogant

It kind and surprises me that Stone hadn’t licensed the Arrogant Bastard name to multiple spirits by now. A spicy whiskey or vodka probably would have been easy picks. But instead the have gone the whiskey route which I think is probably a better choice. Maybe a Dayfall Wit Gin is next?

Whose Zombie?

The Bruery will be doing a series of cocktail beers leaning into tiki especially this year and the first one is here, Mai Zombie.

“Mai Zombie begins with a Tiki-inspired base beer as the foundation for the spirited nuances enkindled by the rum barrels it rested in for over a year. Inspired by one of our favorite island drinks, we used lime and grapefruit zest, orange flower water, almonds, allspice, and hints of cinnamon and ginger for a unique Tiki beer experience. Exotic, tropical, and like nothing you’ve tasted before.”

What is cool is that the base beer was created to be rum -esque so that when put into rum barrels it would double up that spirits taste.

Amass No Alcohol

My dabbling in the realm of Non-Alcoholic drinks hasn’t touched upon the realm of spirits but that might change with this intriguing Gin? like drink from Amass called Riverine. Here is the ingredient listing: “Coniferous notes from Juniper are brightened by Sumac, Sorrel, Lemon Peel, and Apple, while Thyme, Mint, and Parsley lend a rich herbal earthiness.”

Oh, Snap

One resolution for 2021 is to sample other pursuits coming from breweries. Be it cider, seltzer or coffee. Mostly the first and third items on that list. Which is why, I was excited to see this new coffee from Chapman Crafted. I will be interested to see how snap chilled compares to cold brewed which does not fit my particular taste.

Review – Ogopogo Bourbon Barrel-Aged Cider

I am a side cider connoisseur and when I saw Ogopogo was launching a line, I knew I would be trying them. And I decided to start with this highest price entry in their range. Heaven Hill Bourbon Barrel aged. And though, I generally prefer “clean”, plain cider. This is a really well balanced drink. It is more barrel than bourbon to me, the cider shines through and it still has enough bubbles in it to make it a bit crisp as well.

Virtual Cider

Almost missed this one, but you still have a few days to order some cider sincerely Cidercon 2021 will be virtual this year. Below are the days emails:

“Since 2013, Cider Summit has been the unofficial culmination of the annual cider industry gathering – CiderCon. Both events have had to pivot this year but we’re still working together to celebrate our amazing cider community. We’ve created two festival to-go tasting kits, featuring many of our closest cider friends from around the country:

Festival Favorites – Our Festival Favorites kit includes an assortment of eight ciders from Vermont to California. You’ll also receive two Cider Summit logo 6-ounce stemless tasting glasses, apple & pear stress balls, access to the guided virtual tasting on February 6 and small promotional items from participating cidermakers. The base price is $54.95 (plus taxes/fees).

Artisanal Import – Our Artisanal Import kit will include offerings from British Columbia, England, France and Spain. You’ll also receive two Cider Summit logo 6-ounce stemless tasting glasses, apple & pear stress balls, a Cider Summit bar towel, access to the guided virtual tasting on February 6, and small promotional items from participating cidermakers. The base price is $59.95 (plus taxes/fees).

Shipment is available throughout the U.S. via our friends at Press Then Press. Please visit our Producers page for product selection details.”


Lost in the shuffle of the hellstorm of 2020 was the hyped then disappearance of the Cosmic Crisp apple. Well, it is back, in cider form….

2 Towns Ciderhouse is adding a Cosmic Crisp to their portfolio. I wasn’t much impressed with the apple but that doesn’t mean that it won’t make a good cider.


Cellador Ales has dabbled in cocktail beers and their new beer, Verboten, is a beer “riff” as the call it, on vermouth. Here is their description, “ It’s blended from several of our base beers, including some with wine grapes, and layered with botanicals to mimic the aromatics of sweet vermouth.”