British Cider in Focus

CAMRA wants to educate us on British Cider through the years. Their books division is Kickstarter-ing a “book that will look at how cider has formed an integral part of the UK’s landscape, with a heritage dating back at least 2,000 years. Today, cider faces a new change in the drinking landscape of Britain — the rise of craft and modern, discerning drinkers with different needs, habits and spending opportunities.”  

Those choosing to crowdfund Cider “the book for £15 to demonstrate interest in the subject, which will also give them the opportunity to take part in a personal online tasting, and get limited edition T-shirts and signed editions of the new title.”

Lastly, CAMRA adds, “This is a unique opportunity for CAMRA books to gauge interest prior to a book’s publication, which can, in turn, allow us to offer a far wider selection of books in the future and potentially increase our publishing portfolio.”


I dabble in wine. Ranks below gin and bourbon in my personal book but when you add a Trailblazer into the equation, well, wine gets a boost so I was excited to see foodie and podcaster and shooting guard C.J. McCollum branching out to wine with Adelsheim….

“As the Chehalem Mountains’ first winery, we believe it is our duty to be steadfast stewards of this abundant land and to rally our community in support of equity and education. CJ McCollum’s curiosity of wine and love of learning made it easy for us to help turn his hobby into a passion. We are so honored and excited to bring his first wine to life—McCollum Heritage 91: 2018 Pinot noir!”

Thacher Cider

There are quite few breweries in the cider space, but maybe it is time to let a winemaker in. I have had a few Thacher wines and their spread in Paso Robles is so calming. And if we get back on track by June next year, maybe I will be buying wine and cider.

Harder Pumking

I do my level best to stay seasonally appropriate. You don’t see mentions of Maibock in January or oodles of Oktoberfest posts in Summer. But, I am making an exception for this…..

…because, well 2020 needs more spirits and I think this one could make some fine fall cocktails since Southern Tier knows it’s way around pumpkin spice.

A Distilling Strand

Perhaps the fine brewing folks at Strand Brewing in Torrance are gonna use some of their massive space for distilling, that would be quite the coup. Then they could use their barrels for beer as well. Put a pin on this one and we will see what develops.

Cocktail Growler

One of the things that I missed about visiting Paso Robles this year was a trip to Re:Find Distillery. And when I win the lottery, one thing I want to buy is…

“Preserve your favorite craft cocktails, beer, cider, or any other carbonated beverage for days! Our growler uses food-grade C02 cartridges and a regulator cap to pressurize the growler maintaining carbonation. Its space-saving square shape has a tap that swivels out of the way for so it will fit right in your fridge door. It’s a simple but elegant piece of equipment for any craft beverage lover.”

On demand cocktails. That is the life.


I dabble in spirits. I know that I prefer Southern whiskey and gin above all, though I dabble in tequila and other drinks. Thanks to the L.A. Times Food Section, I found a Torrance based canned cocktail maker that delivers with the name of Drnxmyth. And they have bartenders creating some interesting spins on classic cocktails. The recipe makers get a cut too, which I think is great. So I ordered up a pair to be delivered and here is my verdict…

First up was the Margarita, at first I had a hard time twisting the bottom. You see, these drinks have two separate compartments. When you are ready to drink, you twist to mix the two together. Quite ingenious. The aroma was really nice and it tasted fancy. It had nuanced flavors and wasn’t just a tequila hit. The Gin drink was a little too out there for me. It tasted fine, it just wasn’t to my taste. I wished there had been more cucumber and mint notes. It just tasted a bit herbaceous to me.

They have a whiskey and a rum drink and I would not hesitate to try either. The 10 price point for what is essentially two cocktails is a steal.


You shouldn’t be surprised to hear that distillers from coast to coast have turned their eye to sanitizing liquid. Granted Dogfish Head and spots in Portland are not going to meet the extreme demand but the quick pivot made by these companies is yet more proof that they are more “essential” than Governor Newsom can imagine. I say buy all that you can from these locals and post about it, with a hashtag of your governor or mayor.