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As someone who is completist by nature and who has tried challenges such as drinking a beer brewed in each state, I heartily applaud…

…because I know how hard this is. Logistically getting all the beers in time must have required prep and a long lead time. Now lets get a back-to-back World Cup trophy win, US.

Fargo Wood Chipper

“Four native sons are hoping that the name recognition generated from the 15-year-old Coen brothers flick will help launch their fledgling brewing company in North Dakota’s largest city. Their first beer is called Wood Chipper, a whimsical reference to the famous prop from the movie.”

I am surprised that that name hadn’t been appropriated earlier. It is perfect for a palate wrecking IPA. And now the Fargo Beer Company is sending it out to North Dakota (which could use more breweries, if for the only reason that I could knock it off my tried a beer from each state list)

50 from 50 – Update

I had a flurry of activity on the 2010 challenge in January leaving me tantalizingly close to my goal.

The only holdouts now are Alabama and North Dakota. Actually, hold out is the wrong word. There are reasons why I haven’t tasted from these places. Two to be precise. And they both start with the letter P.

Alabama – Prohibition. Yup, I lay it all on that doorstep. Once that law ended, the state took over and draconian rules were kept and/or expanded upon. If you think draconian is too strong a word then check out these restrictions at Free the Hops. Until my travel plans take me near Alabama, I will probably not be able to check this state off my list.

North Dakota – Population. There just isn’t enough to gain traction for a niche market. According to what I can find on the internet, there is 1 brewery. Granite City. And I can’t expect them to ship someone in a California a growler.

So that is where I stand. As always, if you or someone you know is willing to send me some beer from those two states. I would appreciate it. Reach out at

50 Beers from 50 States – FINAL Update

When I started back in January, I looked at a map of the US. Then looked at a listing of breweries and said to myself that “if” I can get 40 states in 12 months, that I would be happy.

Well, it is now December and I have tasted a beer (a beer brand new to me) from 44 of the 50 states!

Here is # 44….VIRGINIA

That is an impressive 88%.

The hunt is not yet over either. Title of this post notwithstanding. I plan on notching all 50 states into my beer belt. I do not care if it takes years. That is why a new page has been created to show the states checked off and any updates that may occur. The reviews will be posted there along with possible breweries from the missing states. But most importantly the blank pdf will be there for YOU to print out and create your own list!

50 from 50 – Kentucky

Thanks to a generous gift from the good people at the Lexington/Alltech Brewery in Kentucky, I was able to sample my first ever beer from that that fine state.
I tasted the Light (aka Kolsch), their flagship ale and their bourbon barrel aged ale. My favorite was the light but here is the review for the ale.

as always, click on the image to make it more readable.

…and follow this link to the full list of 43 beers Sean’s 43 of 50