Zomething Unneeded

If you are looking for a shark jumping moment for the alco-pop trend, well get ready to put on your water skis and leather jacket. Zima is returning to shelves for the first time since 2008. (I thought it died before Y2K)

Not only is it coming back amidst an even bigger craft beer market, it is entering a sub-niche at it’s most crowded as well. With Not Your Father’s augmented with Not Your Mom’s, Hard Lemonades, Bud-A-Rita’s galore and the like. I am thinking of bottling some of my tap water since it is really Hard too. Scarily, it would probably sell. Especially if I called it Hazy.

My firm prediction is that people will purchase one or two for retro/throwback purposes and never come back again. Zima will be gone before we even know it was there. If the marketing genius who proposed this was smart, they would release it once a year and create a whole retro themed event around it. Sorta like the Shamrock shake. Hell, sell it at McDonald’s with a McRib for an “UN”Happy Stomach Meal.