Yes, more #LABW6 events

LABW6 hashtag
For some reason, the 25th is chock full of events. I have already pointed out two strong choices and yet, there are more!

The Oinkster teams up with Cismontane Brewing for a “Choose your own Adventure” Night with 3 different versions of Holy Jim Falls XPA – 3 different versions of The Citizen California Common and 6 different French fry variants! Think of the flavor combinations!

Or you could head to Plan Check on Fairfax for beer cocktails tailored with the spirits of Ballast Point. You will find the special beers on tap such as
Four Roses Victory
Grapefruit Sculpin IPA
Sour Wench Blackberry Ale
Abandon Ship Smoked Lager

Or, the Culver City outpost of Bottle Rock will be pouring seasonal beers from El Segundo Brewing. Maybe Mellon Collie the Farmer’s Market melon beer will be ready!

Wherever you live or work, there is a killer event nearby.