Up from the Cellar – White Chocolate from The Bruery

I opened up my Bruery box for this post of Up From the Cellar and found that I either have anniversary or Christmas beers from the Orange County brewery that just held their Poterie anniversary.  The only outliers were two bottles of Black Tuesday and one White Chocolate.  So I brought up the WC.  Once I hacked the serious wax from the bottle cap the beer pours a deep orange color and quite bubbly at first which took me aback. The aroma is white chocolate for sure but not as strong as remembered from past tastings which was the first hint of trouble.

I think I held this one too long by a few months because there is a little too much in the way of sour notes or should I say cider-ness to it. That means a loss of velvetness from the original which was very smooth to the point of 5 stars on Untappd from yours truly. The aged White Chocolate has a medicinal hump that eventually falls back into the vanilla/chocolate swirl but it takes too long to get there and only stays for a fleeting moment.

That is part and parcel with aged beer though.  You try some that have lost just too much from the original.