Untappd Tapping Data

Pulling people to your website, be it a beer website or blog is much harder than pushing information to a set list of people. With the added benefit of having said names and information to possibly sell to others who might covet it.

The user base of Untappd is a niche group that might act on pushed information and that’s probably the reasoning behind the fact that they announced the launch of Untappd for Business. “Verified venues” that sign up and fork over the cash will have the ability to share tap lists plus event info to the 3 million users of the app.

Users (like me) can “friend” one of these venues to get the tap list and event info plus receive notifications when your favorited beers are tapped at one of your “friends” within a 15-mile radius of their location.

Expect more updates and additions to Untappd now that the founders are part of Next Glass and have more time to devote to the app.

2 Replies to “Untappd Tapping Data”

  1. I saw where Iphones could take pictures of beer to upload to untapped. Is it available for Androids yet?

    Mac McCarthy

  2. I am firmly in the realm of Mac so I do not know. I just learned that they brought over the Next Glass snap a photo to ID the beer add in to Untappd. Haven’t tried it yet. Didn’t work so hot in gen1 Next Glass.

    When I see an Android Untappd user, I will peer over the shoulder and see if they have tat capability yet.

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