Tudor Brewing

As I have mentioned before, and I will mention it in the future (that is a promise). We cocky Yanks need to remember that ours is not the only country in the world and that we are not the only craft beer pioneers. The revolution is in Italy, Australia and in England too.

Which brings us to the Tudor Brewery in Wales.

They have three beers named after the peaks that surround the area that the beer is brewed in. And it’s real ale. Not the watered down Stella’s you will see in some pubs.

Here is their description of themselves and the beers…

“Our 2 barrel micro brewery is sited at the Kings Arms Inn on Tudor Street, Abergavenny. The brewery can be viewed from within the Inn. The 6 barrel brewery is located close by on Merthyr Road, Abergavenny.”

A robust medium strength dark hoppy beer at 4.2% abv. Appeals to real ale buffs and lovers of strong beer flavours. Great with seafood and cheese.

An amber medium dry beer with sweet aroma at 4.2% abv. A well rounded full bodied caramelised beer using local ingredients. Suitable with rare charbroiled steak and fresh hamburger.

A light summer ale with fresh scents and a clear blonde appearance. A session beer at 3.8% abv Appeals to the lager drinker if chilled 2 degrees below normal cask temperature. Lads and Lasses love it. Wonderful with hot curries and spiced dishes