Trends for 2016

What to look for in 2016…according to the Beer Search Party crystal pint glass / reading the hop leaves. (BTW: This is the positive post. You can read the negative side HERE.)

1. Nitro packaging
People scoffed at the Guinness Nitro IPA last year but with Left Hand and now Breckenridge leading a Colorado charge of nitro cans plus the national presence of Samuel Adams in the niche will push this packaging option to more people. I know that I love to compare and contrast and to be able to do that with the same beer and different dispense style and NOT have to travel to a bar will be tempting.

2. More than just grapefruit
There has been a bevy of grapefruit IPA’s hitting the market. But they will be trailing the curve. Ballast Point is already moving to the next iteration of fruited IPA and by the end of the year you can expect a veritable edible arrangement of breweries in this sub-style.

3. Beer and desserts
The bloom is off the beer pairing dinner rose and in its place is the more economical and still fun dessert with beer pairing. Ice cream and girl scout cookies as well as Halloween candy get the most press but expect a wider array of sweets next to pint glasses this year.

4. Gin and tequila barrels
Bourbon and Whiskey have long ruled supreme in the world of barrel aging and parity will not happen this year but the amount of Gin barrel-aged beers and/or Tequila barrel-aged will increase and be seen more frequently. Also look for lesser known spirits to pop-up on taps as well.