Trejo & Lincoln

Taco and donut magnate (and occasional actor too) Danny Trejo and his iconic face are on a new beer from Lincoln Beer Co. of Burbank.

I had a sneak taste of the beer and heard about the backstory of it as well…

Danny Trejo himself does not touch alcohol but Lincoln was approached by the team at Trejos Cantina/ Tacos to create a branded beer for their restaurants. In fact it has been on tap for a few months now. The brewer, Pat, was initially skeptical since he was not a fan of the Mexican lager style (the word skunked was thrown out a couple times) but it was taken as an opportunity to do their take on the style, something that doesn’t interfere with the food that it will be most likely served with, tacos.

The beer itself is so-so in my opinion. I catch some metallic as well as a little pear to it. It is less zippy and more a smooth version focusing on the malt. The beer that I was more taken by was the new Aussie Summer Pale. It had a menthol / mint flavor that was new coming from the seasonaly named Summer hop.

Lincoln will be throwing a big bash surrounding the can release and of course you can get the beer at Trejo’s too.