The Session – The Recap

Well, the weekend started late Friday with an April Fool’s prank from Lagunitas which spiralled into less than a stellar response to my Session writing prompt.

Maybe my example of the long form tweet from Ray Daniels wasn’t the best see the Appellation Beer 1st paragraph but I thought it might break people out of the bubble of looking at Twitter. Further on in his contribution he let us in on some “could have been” Michael Jackson tweets that I think would make great beer conversation starters.

Speaking of conversation, Derrick from Ramblings of a Beer Runner brought up part of my issue with Twitter. How it doesn’t really lead to an exchange of ideas. He also doesn’t see the usefulness in comparison to Facebook or Instagram which I also agree with.

The Beer Nut took the tack of relaying the story of how Twitter piqued his interest in a beer from the British brewery Cloudwater. But he also worries that it is the same five or six breweries that seem to be getting all of the Twitter love.

Reuben Gray from The Tale of the Ale folded in the the foolish holiday and Twitter to show an example of using the day and social media together. More importantly he talked about the Daniels tweets in relation to Ireland craft beer.

Jon Abernathy who covers the Bend, Oregon beer beat under the Brewsite Blog threw a curve ball and used photos to talk up a brewery hundreds of miles away on the beach of Pacific City at the lovely Pelican Pub. It shows the power of photography and his skills at shooting glasses of beer.

Jack Perdue over at Deep Beer (which has a great logo) gave some insight into the world of beer in Baltimore in both the past and present. Having lived there for a few months a long, long time ago, his tweets made me nostalgic. Not for the beer scene then, but for what I missed and wish I could do over. Certainly there is Brewmore going on there.

Sadly that was the lot. I was hoping to hear a bit of vitriol maybe a bit of Twitter love but obviously my topic did not resonate. I was a bit put out that Jay Brooks, one of the Session founders couldn’t add something to the mix. I would have loved to read his thoughts.

Keep blogging’ about beer and have a great April!

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  1. I saw the Tweet but the link led me to a dead end. I will add your thoughts in to my post tonight! Thanks for participating.

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