The Firkin for February 2018

When I am asked where I can be found on social media, my 16oz canned response is that I can be found on Facebook primarily and a bit on Instagram, just don’t hold your breath waiting for a new photo. Untappd, of course, for those tickers out there.

But I rarely venture into Twitterland and, rarer still, do I comment. At best, it seems that Beer Twitter is B(eer) (Tw)itter or at best defensive. With people waiting to instigate something or to pile on when someone else is getting a come-uppance (deserved or not).

Maybe, this year, we can be a little more civil. The next time you see a Tweet that raises your blood pressure. Take a breath, then another and then move on. The next time you think that it would be fun to schaedenfreude someone in 140 characters, pause. Or better yet, take a sip of beer.

It is bad enough that our SCROTUS enjoys lying and dividing people, let’s be the opposite of him. That is my final Twitter tip. If you read a tweet and you think that Trump would like it, delete it.

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