The Firkin for April 2016

I entitled a pair of posts this months, “Just Stop”. That continues here with other miscellaneous bothersome beer things that can I am so done with, as of yesterday.

Beer bets between cities in major sports – Whatever the local delicacy, it seems Mayors love to make bets and put out a press release about it. Maybe as a dodge or deflection from real political isues? I don’t know but somehow beer got roped in and seems a big part of the bets nowadays. I am all for themed sports beers, especially when it comes to Portland’s Trailblazers or Timbers but these bets don’t add much to craft beer.

Game of Thrones – I am sure to be in the minority here but I have grown weary of the annual themed beer from Ommegang and the inevitable variety pack that will soon follow. Last season’s beers are still a’molding on the shelf in a couple stores and Seven Kingdoms did nothing for me. Now I don’t hate them as much as Ian McShane hates the show but I have grown weary of the branding being cooler than the beer.

Not time stamping your bottles/cans – I know that I can’t trust BevMo or CostPlus to rotate out the old let alone a corner store and I would rather not have to be wary upon entering a beer shoppe so do us a favor and time stamp the shit out of any beer that even remotely would be better fresh. It is the easy way to protect your reputation and help out the consumer.

Hating a Hater – I still don’t understand why some people out in the beer interweb world get wound up when someone says they don’t like a beer or a brewery. I say, Great! More beer for me at the end of the day if it is a brewery that I like. I guess some people prefer typing out swear words instead of having a beer. Not to mention that the chance that the person is trolling the fans is probably close to 90% means that you are basically wasting your time.

Rebranding – Full Sail, Fort Collins, AleSmith, Bell’s and a bevy of others have been re-branding lately. Was there a memo telling everybody to hit the refresh button. I long for a re-brand like Stone where the recipe was freshened up as well.

It feels good to get that off of my chest.