The Birthday Beer of 2018 – Part 2

In addition to the Mikkeller birthday beer from a couple days ago, there is also the matter of the beer that my Mom sent me as a present from Oregon….

It is the return of Cocoa Cow from Sunriver Brewing.

Will it be as good as the first bottle that I brought back from Oregon? Short Answer? Yeah. For sure.

I preface this re-review with this info that I can barely keep up with all the new beers, so to drink a repeat beer is new for me. AND it means the beer must have been really good. Here is the 2018 review…

I remember the chocolate now. Milk chocolate for sure. Nice tan head that dissipates quickly. Still has a little bubbly character to counteract the sweet. Sticks to the roof of the mouth pleasantly. A touch of dark malt but nothing bitter at all. There is a faint note of coconut here too that lends to a comparison to Girl Scout Samoa cookies of old. I can imagine all sorts of chocolate desserts to have with this beer but I could also see a great float with straight up vanilla ice cream.