The 2019 Statistical Breakdown

Time to gaze back at the drinking stats that I kept for 2019. Starting with the big picture and then drilling down a little bit.

2019 saw an average weekly consumption of 159.95 ounces or 31.99 ounces per drinking day. I do not have alcohol two days out of every week. This was a 7.86 ounce drop in consumption from 2018 and 44.36 less then when I first started in 2016.On average the ABV for the year was 6.74% and I spent around $45.32 per week on beer.

Over the year the high week of ounces was 247 and the low was 124. Highest ABV week was 8.33% and lowest 5.37%.

There were 738 beers on the spreadsheet with 358 being IPA (48.5%), there were 58 Barrel-Aged or Sours (7.9% which is too low and needs to be rectified in 2020) as well as 36 collaboration beers.

These beers were distributed geographically as 57 from Los Angeles breweries, 70 from California, 17 were foreign, 23 from Oregon (my home state so I track it separately) and 25 from the other 48 states.

Most popular breweries begin and end with Firestone Walker which had the most check-ins at 53 and ounces at 584. Other repeated favorites were Sierra Nevada, Eagle Rock Brewery, El Segundo Brewing, Angel City Brewery, Stone, Smog City Brewing and Beachwood. All of which are old-school not the hippest breweries around.

Overall, I was 3oz on average below my target goal. A goal that I am keeping steady for the next year. I really felt it when I overdid it and that is because I think my body had re-calibrated to the lower amount. Trying to dive lower might result in even more headaches. Also the easier way to reduce at this point would be to remove another drinking day from the week.

Now onto 2020!