Tavour Taste Test

One-Time beer Podcaster, Richard decided to try out the Tavour service for getting craft beers delivered to his door.

Of course, we had to have a tasting session….and of course the tasting session expanded to other beers not from the service, but the focus is on the two new ales, from two breweries that I had not heard of at all. (And that was just the collaborative IPA)
Droste Effect was a chocolate stout from Alewerks in Williamsburg, Virginia. Kudos to the clever name and cleverer label. The beer had a lush chocolate taste that mellowed into what I would call more a porter than a stout. For a beer that is 9.2% ABV, it was quite light once that chocolate faded.

C_LVIN is a collaborative kind of East Coast IPA from Abandoned Building Brewing and Brewmaster Jack. Another example of a great brewery name. The ABB IPA was orange and a touch hazy. There was a good mixture of earthy and dankness. It was strong enough to make me mark down the name for the future.

Other beers drunk were the La Quinta Indian Canyon IPA which was rather blah. Drinkable but nothing leapt out, Brouwerij West and The Dog Ate My Homework was a lovely red color and quite lively. I made a complete hash of the pour and got pink foam everywhere. King Swirly the 2nd was a real stout with a lot, a lot of vanilla. Little Brett from Allagash was my favorite. Farmhouse meets golden ale with a touch of hop to it.