All 24

As someone who is completist by nature and who has tried challenges such as drinking a beer brewed in each state, I heartily applaud…

…because I know how hard this is. Logistically getting all the beers in time must have required prep and a long lead time. Now lets get a back-to-back World Cup trophy win, US.

A Podcast & A Beer – Throwback

This month we head back in time to re-analyze the 1991 Womens World Cup team. Not the famous 1999 Cup though some of the face are the same. This is the team that drew the publicity that would be amplified in ’99 with players like Michelle Akers, Mia Hamm, Julie Foudy and Christine Lilly.

Throwback the podcast from Grant Wahl, the soccer guru at SI has interviews with key figures and traces what happened way back when.

I would like to choose some French beers since this year’s Cup is in France but that is a bit difficult so instead let’s go with breweries that were around back then. Let’s have some Black Butte Porter from Deschutes, some Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and other standard bearers of the age from around the country. Or you could tack to female brewers, maybe pick a crowler up from Arts District Brewing, perhaps Traction IPA since this was the year that Women’s soccer gained some.