Cans for Bernie

I was a bit floored when I saw that Rodenbach had gone to putting some of their beer into cans so the news that St. Bernardus was packaging their Wit into 12oz containers didn’t have the same surprise.

Hopefully, the Belgian wit cans will be in supply. Still have not seen Rodenbach cans in the buying wild as of yet.

Featured Review – Lost Meridian Wit from Base Camp

Our last featured review is a wit by the name of Lost Meridian from Base Camp Brewing of Portland.


This found Wit pours a pleasing hazy orange color. You never know with witbiers, where the brewer wants to take it. Floral, perfumey could be an option or more citrus notes.

Lost Meridian has both. Layered with creamsicle orange and tea-like tannin notes there is also a potpourri touch as well, especially in the aroma. It is dry and bitter as each sip finishes. You could probably also characterize it as being redolent of orange jell-o. But that finish keeps that from getting too out of hand.

Neither flavor knock my socks off though and I would like an edge of spice to round out this beer.

Thought it Was Orange

Screen Shot 2015-01-01 at 9.41.22 AM

I am going through a bit of a phase where I am in search of traditional solid examples of styles.  I enjoy the creative impulse that brewers are following but it seems to be a bit aggressive at times.  Maybe a plain Wit won’t sell even with the combined might of Terrapin and New Belgium but why make a Dark Wit, then add rye, then “Imperialize” it and then barrel age it?  Seems over the top to me.  The Rye Wit sounds better to me.

Epic Ales

Ask any brewer and they have a “on the way to opening” horror story. Cody Morris shared his in recent article in Mutineer magazine. So to make that trouble a thing of the past buy some of his beer. He makes one with mushrooms!

Check out his beer list HERE!