Ecliptic Filament Winter IPA


Talk about a cool and understated label with an intriguing beer from Ecliptic inside.  The name is an inspired choice.  Fits the brewery name and the season.  Though, I have started seeing the nomenclature of Winter or Fall IPA’s on some beers and I hope this sub-set of a style gets some clarification.  Otherwise we could be heading toward a free-fall come judging time.

Video Review – Natian Old Grogham

My mother is my Portland beer source and she acquired the two beers from Natian Brewery that I will review in April. We finish with Old Grogham Winter IPA…..

This is the short description from the brewery website, “Palisade hops were added throughout the boil and dry hop schedule, along with high alpha American hops for bittering, Noble hops for aroma and a few other varieties in-between to balance the heavy malt profile. Rum soaked Oregon oak spires added during the final stages of fermentation bring flavor notes of caramel and vanilla to complement the bitterness.”