Is this a trend developing? English style session ales would be most welcome. Here is what the up and coming Oakshire from Oregon has in store….

“The most recent in our series of Single Batch Beers is a English Style Pale Ale called Willamette Dammit. The beer is made with 100% Crisp Marris Otter Pale malt and 100% Willamette Hops. Willamette hops are a relative of the English fuggle and were first bred in the Oregon Breeding Program in 1976. They are a very pleasant hop and lend a hint of spiciness to the aroma. At 4.9% abv, WD is worth a couple of pints down at the pub. As always, get it on draft only at select bars and restaurants around town as well as at the tasting room on M, Th, F, and Sat. God Save the Queen!”

Full Sail + Summer =


The latest in summer IPA’s. You may know of Sunspot or Grandsun of Spot. Now you get Spotless…

From the Full Sail press release..”the newest release in their Brewmaster Reserve series, Spotless IPA. This release continues Full Sail’s summer “sun” series. Named to honor our sun that has been spotless for over a year, Spotless is a true Northwest style IPA – richly hopped with Willamette and Zeus hops. A deep golden color, bright bitterness and a definite fruity finish meld into a beer that is all set to toast the summer months. It will be available in specialty beer stores and pubs throughout the Pacific Northwest from June to August in 22oz bottles and draft. ABV: 6.5% IBU: 70″

The next beer in Full Sail’s Brewmaster Reserve line up will be Sanctuary, a Belgian Style Dubbel, to be released in August.