Featured Review – Far Post from Wiens Brewing


We head to Temecula and Wiens Brewing for this review. Far Post Brown Ale conjures up images of soccer fields to me but the brewers have other ideas. Envisioning arrows and banners and battle.

This ale starts with an aroma of chocolate lava cake. Milk chocolate primarily. That doesn’t follow into the flavor though there is a touch of cocoa in the taste. It is light but still cake-y. And the label does not lie. It is quite the dry finish. I noticed a pucker in my mouth as I sipped away on this one.

I wasn’t sold at first but the chocolate keeps coming at you and I am starting to ponder which desserts to match with it as I drink.

Wiens beers are starting to pop up on L.A. beer shelves and are worth a look.

Two from Temecula


I haven’t had the fortune to taste any beers from the Wiens (pronounced, “Weenz”) Brewing Co.  But I like the labels and I would like to taste these and maybe a bottle or two will find their way to L.A. County.  Nudge, nudge.