Tweaks Complete!

OK, I think I have done enough tinkering with the website for now.

Time to explain the changes…

Instead of a three columned beast, down to two columns with the Cellar inventory appropriately at the very bottom of the page. Hopefully this makes things a skosh prettier to the eye.

I have whittled the other pages down to four and have refreshed those pages with more up-to-date info and images.

Lastly the top o’ the page will now rotate images to liven things up a little.

As always, thanks for stopping by!


There are some great websites with hop information on them but recently Hopsteiner the large hop grower/distributor has refreshed its website and added a really helpful snapshot of hop data.

The Hopsteiner’s Hop Varieties Grid has brand new hops photography which helps to visually differentiate the hops, multiple sort levels including by Experimental or Aroma and a handy sheet of information that to this beer blogger was just right without getting too overboard in technical terms. You get an aroma graph, genetic origin, similar hops and other facts. It is easy to use and share which is key.
I would have liked to see them add what blends are normally used with each hop so that you could gain a knowledge of what pairs well but that is a small quibble in what is an excellent website revamp.