Video Review – Mother Earth Auld Knucker

I reviewed one IPA from Mother Earth Brew Co. in June before the “hiatus”. and here (finally) is the second review of a  hoppy offering from San Diego that have become available in Los Angeles. I picked both up at Vendome in Toluca Lake, which is on my beer buying circuit.

And here is what the brewery has to say about it, ““Sometimes there is nothing like a simple, refreshing, single American-style India Pale Ale…especially the West Coast variety. In a world of over-complicated beers and brewing extremity, Auld Knucker (pronounced Old Nucker) stands out by using a simple grain bill of domestic Pale 2-Row, crystal malt, and a bit of honey malt, paired with a citrusy hop combo.”

British Beer Video

Proud of British Beer from Society of Independent Brewers on Vimeo.

I am a fan of each of these short craft beer manifestos and the British “Pride” video is another great addition. I love that they talk to the farmers and the store keepers as well. It really is a chain of people and I like that they bring them into the fold too.I

I know there is backlash at the craft beer videos. I think it is misplaced though. For a couple of reasons, each one is a snapshot of where we are and where we might go in the craft beer industry and secondly, there are still way too many people drinking crappy beer. So if each of these videos add more to the ranks of the good beer drinkers then they do the job.

So be snarky about the line readings or say the music is too melodramatic. But the heart of being proud of craft beer is beating in these videos.

Beer Amongst the Belgians – The Video

I am a big fan of beer movies. Especially ones that show me a side or place that I haven’t seen yet. Enter……

BATB Promo 3.0 from Taylor Brush on Vimeo.

Once you get past the obligatory, “Belgian beer is the best” there is a nice bit of history and discussion of the Art of Brewing which sometimes gets short shrift to the science aspect. Tim Webb is knowledgeable about Belgium to the max so I am looking forward to more of this series.

Eagle Rock review # 1

So I planned on having a review of an Eagle Rock beer in this space. But then the anniversary party for their 1st year of business got scheduled. SO now you get some photos from the event.

The announcement flyer

The beers on tap!

Jubilee, the Christmas Ale makes an appearance!

I had not tasted Jubilee before and am still mixed on it. The front end is fruity and then a spice blast hits at the back end. It is a warmer but certainly not what I expected. I also sampled the Yearling which is young Flanders Red which was tart and sour and just damn tasty. I also had the sour Solidarity. Only one sip, so no review or judgement to be passed.

A true video review will happen later. (I just got some 50 States beer so I couldn’t justify buying more beer when the ‘fridge was stocked to bursting!)