Fulton Fog

Readers of the blog know that I am an appreciator of fine label design and that I am wary when a brewery creates a a new brand.

Those two worlds collide with this very strange hazy IPA label from Van Nuys Beer Co. (a MacLeod Ales younger sibling).

The shopping cart plus the fog are creepy and then the yellow dots add a layer of modern art meets Brouwerij West to leave an overall eye catching label. I half expect a grocery bag to be pushed by the wind into the frame and then gust away.


I noticed the logo below in my Instagram feed…

The acronym is for Van Nuys Beer Co. I sleuthed a few more clicks on the internet and noticed a familiar address on Calvert Street. As other breweries have done, MacLeod Ales has a second imprint. Where they can play in a different beer style sandbox. Where they will not incur the wrath of the “beer police”.