Holiday Ale # 17 – Yard Sale from Uinta

Uinta yard sale

At first, I did not know what Yard Sale had to do with Christmas but then I read that it refers to a ski slope spill that sends gloves, skis and such down the hill to form a pile, like a yard sale.

Clever and a cool can for a Winter lager that Uinta Brewery describes as having “Honey and caramel undercurrents. Vanilla accents. Malty with light and hoppy notes. Finishes dry. Yard Sale pairs well with earthy mushroom bisque, grilled lamb or pork, and even mussels and clams.”

FoodGPS Teaser – Pumpkin Beers Review

I have waited until now to talk pumpkin beers. I know they are probably gone from most shelves to be replaced by Christmas ales but I celebrate my holiday’s in order and not in advance. I picked two pumpkin beers to compare. One from Sam Adams and one from Uinta.

Two gourd beers from two different parts of the country and both are pretty different. The Sam Adams poured a darker amber and had a noticeable lack of the pie spice (not a bad thing) and was a little more viscous and malty. It had a definite pumpkin taste. Sort of a yam taste.

The Uinta had a two tiered aroma. First the nutmeg and then a real jack o’lantern hit. The taste did not hold that though. There was some pumpkin flavor but it was more metallic and must have been on a lighter base beer because it poured a golden color.

I gave tasters to my sis-in-law to get her opinion and she agreed. (as well she should). She explained that the Sam Adams pumpkin would be much easier to drink a full glass of and had a more pleasing pumpkin taste. The Uinta tasted more like beer with pumpkin in her opinion.

As a further reference, HERE is the Beer Advocate list of pumpkin beers.