BrewDog TV

Next month, BrewDog takes to the small screen.  Will it be able to contain their hijinks?


Here is the 411, ““Brew Dogs” premieres September 24 at 10 p.m. It stars Scottish “beer evangelists” James Watt and Martin Dickie, who own the UK’s fastest-growing brewery. James and Martin have come to America with a vital mission: to prove that the drink of the masses doesn’t need to taste mass-produced. In each episode, they will visit a different American beer town, celebrate distinctive craft beers and create their own locally-inspired draft.”

One of their stops along the way is the fabulous Belmont Station in Portland.  I am anxious to see how they view one of my favorite beer locales.

American Beer Blogger

When I saw this come through the beer blogosphere, my first thought was about damn time. Blogging in general is somewhat sneered upon and beer bloggers get a share of that disdain too. But this might actually get people to see at least one of us in all three dimensions and humanize the lot of us a little. So if the video moves you, then head to Kickstarter and donate a dead president or two.

“AMERICAN BEER BLOGGER is a half hour television series dedicated to all facets of the ever growing craft beer market. From home brewing, to micro beer; viewers will experience the very best of the craft beer culture. In each episode, Lew will visit a different brewer, each of which has their own sets of quirks and ways of doing things. Lew will talk to these brewers, get to know them, will show us first hand the various methods and techniques used in creating a craft beer. From the tiniest bottler to the largest manufacturer, Lew
will get his hands dirty. Topics such as bottling, food pairing, manufacturing, distribution, history, technique (and so much more) will all be touched upon

AMERICAN BEER BLOGGER sets out to entertain the viewer as well as educate on this rapidly growing industry. Through humor and a charming, hands-on host, our show will not only be entertaining for the microbeer enthusiast, but also enjoyable for the average viewer as well.”