Featured Review – Mattole River Tripel from Angel City Brewery

I had a harder time getting through the wax on this cap of Mattole River Tripel from Angel City but once I opened up the bottle there were some really big grape wine/grape tannin notes bursting through. That was followed by lots of oaky wood in this prettily orange colored tripel. The Belgian notes are a bit buried here and it is hot on the roof of the mouth. Leaving me to think that this beer might be even better if let to sit a bit.

A Rum Treat


Not Triple Threat but Tripel Treat.  The ocular one on the Adelbert’s Brewery label has come up with a tripel in rum barrels.  I know bourbon and whiskey are the norm (and quite good) but I always appreciate when a different spirit is used.  And since, LA gets a stray Adelbert deliveries, I might just see this one on a shelf.

Review – California Tripel from Ruhstaller


I know that I sound like a broken record (or is it, broken streaming audio?), but I love the presentation of the Ruhstaller bottles (cans too).  I like the kid with the bad boy look, I like the netting on the neck of the 22oz bottle.  The marketing copy is not only readable but fun.  For their California Tripel, they talk about an artist, a curator and the brewer plus have room for the beer ingredients.  Cause that apparently is the most important thing if the blogosphere is to be believed.  Made with California Metcalf & Copeland barley and California Cluster hops, this Belgian Style Tripel comes in at 9.5%.

Which is a good thing because this is another of the unintentionally aged bottles from Total Wine.  This beer came out in July.  This being June, I assume that this beer is from 2013. The production was limited to 230 cases.

It pours a bright orange color with a disturbing amount of floaty bits in it. As you can probably tell from the photo. Tripels can be evil.  Their high alcohol masked until you finish the glass and this one doesn’t quite succeed in that.  You can get a little heat from it.  That is strike 2.  Which I am holding Total Wine accountable for, not the brewer.  There is some typical Belgian spice in there but the finish is a bit watery despite the alcohol.  I am getting some of the sweetness that you might sense as well which is good but overall, I would have to recommend buying this beer fresh and popping the cap then.  And do not buy it in June in hot Southern California.


Review – Curmi from 32 Via dei Birrai


I was very lucky to receive an introduction to 32 Via dei Birrai with a full package of beers from the new Italian brewery.  I first sampled the Oppale and now I move on to another light offering the Curmi.

Pours a light orange with more yellow tints at the bottom of the glass.  Aroma is very Belgian like.  It is called a pale ale but this seems more a light tripel.  It has the spiciness and the vanilla notes that I tend to taste first and foremost in that style.  There is a little bit of citrus at the far back of this one as well.  A nice bit of pop to it as well.


Because they kindly sent me the majority of their line-up, you will be seeing more reviews in the coming days and weeks.