Review – Two from Crowns & Hops

Crowns & Hops has a knack for illuminating a cause in an elegant way. I speak primarily of the 8 Trill project they have undertaken. But let’s switch over to what is inside the cans of the latest beers….

8 Trill Pils

Pours a bright yellow color.  Initial aroma is a little funky.  First thought was Belgian Pilsner.  Metallic and ready.  Viscous and not bubbly. Almost like water is the most dominant flavor profile. 

Elevated Cypher IPA

Really nice aroma on this IPA.  Easily my favorite of the four C&H beers.  Crystal clear.  Nice Concord grape taste.  Bitterness level is nicely dialed in. There is an undertow of lemon that really rounds it out.